It has been estimated that most of the heat pumps in NZ break down and need replacing well before their expected life

These are probably the questions we’re most asked whenever we supply and install a world-class heat pump. : Should I leave the

Mould doesn’t discriminate. This fungus will grow anywhere that provides enough moisture to form a fertile breeding ground. As pretty much every

We sell Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin heat pumps, and these three different brands have one thing in common. They’re all extremely energy

Modern heat pumps shouldn’t smell bad. The outstanding products we sell, like our award-winning Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin heat pumps deliver clean

Owners of heat pumps in Auckland want to know just one thing at this time of year: what are the best settings

We’re one of the leading suppliers and installers of heat pumps in Auckland. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we make heat

Get Ready For A Cool Summer

The days are getting longer and you can feel spring and summer in the air. While warm and sunny weather is something

One of the most appealing aspects of our ducted heat pumps is they’ve very much out of sight. The main indoor unit

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At Comfy Kiwi Homes, our goal is to make your home as comfortable as possible by creating the perfect temperature-controlled indoor environment. Our quality products and services, and experienced team of experts will work with you to find the ideal solution for your heating and cooling needs. We develop custom designed plans for each client based on their unique needs and preferences and use leading industry brands.


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