Is your heat pump making strange noises that you’ve never noticed before? Or do you notice an odd smell coming from the device? This heat pump troubleshooting guide might give you the answers to those baffling questions. If it doesn’t provide the information you’re looking for, then call us and we’ll rectify any issue for
As ducted heat pumps become more popular, we’re fielding plenty of enquiries about how these wonderful systems work.  While we openly acknowledge that ducted systems are flexible and versatile, we do know they’re not for everyone – and in that case, we’re sure to have an alternative heating and cooling solution. To help you get
One question we are commonly asked when people are checking out our heat pumps is: “How long will my new heat pump last?” It’s a difficult one for us to fully answer as a number of factors come into play. But in many ways,  how long your heat pump lasts is really up to you.
The health benefits of air conditioning are often overlooked. While you might focus on the comfort that our air conditioning technology will bring you during hot summers and cold winters, there are other advantages to investing in it. A recent American study looked at the benefits of air conditioning beyond just heating in winter and
A recent survey carried out by BRANZ, the independent research organisation established to improve the performance of the New Zealand building system, found that only about 5% of Kiwi homes are centrally heated. This is in stark contrast to the United Kingdom and Europe, where central heating is a popular way to heat houses. It’s
Science confirms that too much moisture inside a home is not good for the health of everyone living inside that house. Respiratory problems, allergies, heart conditions and chronic coughs are just a few of the conditions associated with living in damp homes. They’re caused not by the moisture itself but also by the things that
As winter gets ever closer, heat pump installation is on the minds of many Aucklanders. So is the subject of heat pump installation costs. While our products, including our award-winning Panasonic heat pumps will catch your eye it’s only natural that the cost of installing one will be part of your thinking too. So will
When buying a heat pump in NZ, a lot of Kiwis make a very common mistake. They choose the wrong size. It is either too small for their requirements, or it’s far too big. Very rarely do they get it just right the first time around. If you’re looking to invest in a new heat
We have spoken before about the considerable advantages of having a ducted heat pump in your home. In fact, we could go on all day about the benefits you’ll enjoy when you ask us to supply and install one for you. For the sake of brevity, we’ll highlight just a few of them: The whole

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