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5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Heat Pump

As the temperature dips and rises with the shift of seasons, it becomes imperative for property owners and managers to ensure they have effective temperature control measures in place. However, with a range of products on the market, making a choice can prove baffling. That’s why you need the assistance of Comfy Kiwi Homes’ professionals. If you’re considering a heat pump installation for your Auckland property, you need to pose some crucial questions to the expert first.

Cost of Installing a Heating System

Heat system brands and models are available in a wide range of prices, influenced by several factors. Initiate your conversation with heat pump suppliers by asking for a quotation to identify whether the available units align with your budget. It’s vital to choose the right sized heat pump for the size of your home to avoid unnecessarily high running costs.

Licensing and Insurance

A heat pump specialist should have the appropriate documentation before they undertake the installation of a heat pump. This safeguards your investment if things don’t go as planned. Additionally, ensure they have insurance coverage, providing you with protection during the course of their work.

Variety of Options and their Distinctiveness

With a multitude of heat pump types to choose from, it’s important to discuss your options with the expert beforehand. Ask about the unique features and advantages of each, to get a clearer understanding of what suits your needs the best.

Warranty on Installed Heat Pumps

Post-installation protection is crucial. Therefore, inquire about a product that comes with a reasonable warranty. This ensures that any manufacturing defects that may surface within the warranty period can be rectified or the unit can be replaced without incurring excessive costs.

Availability for Maintenance and Repairs Post-Installation

Installation is just the beginning. Like all appliances, heat pumps require regular maintenance. It’s practical to have the same company that installed the unit, maintain it over the years. Comfy Kiwi Homes offers expert servicing and repairs. Aside from our reliable maintenance visits, we’ll also guide you on the daily maintenance requirements to keep your unit functioning smoothly.

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