The Best Settings For Summer

Owners of heat pumps in Auckland want to know just one thing at this time of year: what are the best settings for summer? It’s a very good question because selecting the right heat pump setting will provide for a more comfortable home and reduce your power bills. Here are our thoughts on what settings to use on our world-class heat pumps this summer.  

If energy efficiency is top of mind for you, and you want to save quite a few dollars on your power bill, the Fan Only mode might be the way to go. This setting can help you feel cooler by creating a breeze within your home and it uses less electricity than the full cooling mode – however, it will work at its best if you open a window or two, which means you may have an issue with bugs.

On a hot, muggy day with no breeze, it is probably humidity rather than heat that is making you feel so uncomfortable. If your heat pump features a Dehumidifying mode then give that option a try. Similar to the fan setting, dehumidifying mode uses less electricity than your heat pump’s full cooling mode. However, unlike the fan setting, you should shut your doors and windows when you use the dehumidifying mode.

On really hot days when the Fan Only and Dehumidifying modes just don’t work, then it is time to resort to Cooling mode. When using this mode, ensure you shut all doors and windows in the room that you are trying to cool. Set the temperature to around 21 – 22˚C because the room won’t cool any more quickly if you set it to a lower temperature. On the other hand, you can virtually guarantee that you’ll use more electricity and pay higher power bills by overcooling!

Finally, there’s the Auto mode where the heat pump tries to maintain your set temperature by constantly changing between heating and cooling as the room temperature fluctuates. This can use up a lot of energy but it is a convenient “set and forget” option if you wish to run your heat pump for prolonged periods on a hot day.

When it comes to keeping cool by using a heat pump, you may have more options than you think. But whatever setting you choose, your heat pump will be even more effective if you have it serviced before summer arrives. Hot weather is just around the corner so contact us for that service and we’ll help you stay even cooler. 


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