The Best Heat Pump Settings For Summer

As the temperature rises in Auckland, heat pump owners are eager to find the perfect settings for a comfortable and cost-effective summer. Choosing the right configuration not only ensures a pleasant living space but also contributes to energy efficiency, ultimately reducing power bills. Here, we explore the ideal settings for world-class heat pumps to make the most of the summer season.


Fan Only Mode: Cooling with Energy Efficiency in Mind

For those prioritising energy efficiency, the Fan Only mode proves to be a viable option. By creating a refreshing breeze within your home, this setting consumes less electricity compared to the full cooling mode. To optimise its performance, consider opening a window or two. However, be mindful of potential bug intrusion when doing so.


Dehumidifying Mode: Combating Humidity Discomfort

On hot and muggy days when humidity, rather than heat, dominates your discomfort, consider utilising the Dehumidifying mode. This setting not only consumes less electricity than the full cooling mode but also tackles the humidity issue directly. Unlike the Fan Only mode, it’s essential to keep doors and windows closed to maximise the dehumidification process.


Cooling Mode: Reserving Full Power for Hot Days

When the Fan Only and Dehumidifying modes fall short on scorching days, it’s time to turn to the Cooling mode. Close all doors and windows in the room being cooled to ensure optimal performance. Set the temperature to around 21 – 22˚C, as lower temperatures won’t cool the room faster but will certainly lead to increased electricity consumption and higher power bills.


Auto Mode: Balancing Comfort and Energy Consumption

For a convenient “set and forget” option, the Auto mode comes into play. This setting dynamically shifts between heating and cooling to maintain your chosen temperature as the room fluctuates. While this mode can use more of energy, it offers a hassle-free solution for prolonged heat pump operation on sweltering days.


Stay Cool with Informed Heat Pump Operation


Whether you opt for the energy-efficient Fan Only mode, targeted Dehumidifying mode, powerful Cooling mode, or the convenience of Auto mode, keeping cool with your heat pump involves a range of options. Regardless of your preference, remember that regular servicing before summer arrives enhances the effectiveness of your heat pump. Get in touch with Comfy Kiwi Homes today for expert heat pump installation and servicing.