Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control the climate? Every day thousands of Aucklanders face shifting weather conditions, changing momentarily. Should I wear a sweater? Is it too cold to keep my active wear on? These are issues you shouldn’t have to face in the home. With a ducted heat pump you can maintain control of your indoor temperature to the specific degree point.

A ducted system is a type of heat pump unit that works by providing conditioned air to the entire home or specified zone through vents or ducts. These are generally fitted in ceilings or floors and circulate air throughout the home at a desired temperature.


A ducted heat pump system can provide you with discreet comfort for your entire home. Allowing airflow through ventilation systems that optimise space and give indoor comfort while supplying fresh air for your living environment. Our services can offer your home a great Panasonic ducted heat pump system, installed by our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts.

We can give your home the pleasures of having a fresh, clean and heated airflow. A ducted system works in a similar way as a heat pump does. Instead of merely targeting a single room through one machine, this system harnesses ducts installed throughout your home to allow airflow in the entire house.


This system pumps air through vents and passageways often installed in the roof or floor, allowing you to feel the benefits of heated air supply without the need for a large unit that may disrupt your living area. Comfy Kiwi Homes prides itself on our capability to create these networks of ducts in your home that connect to a heated air supplier.


Efficiency is important when dealing with heating in the home. You don’t want a system that drains your power bill and doesn’t keep you warm. The ducted system is an efficient method of heating your entire home; it’s able to pump air easily throughout the premises much more productively than multiple heat pumps in different rooms.

Our team can provide a comprehensive assessment of your property to prescribe the right-ducted system for your home. Under our care we can ensure that your home is efficiently heated and supplied with comfortable access to the warm environment that you desire.


With the ability to install these ducts in a variety of areas, they’re not only effective in heating, easily hidden and efficient in design, but they’re also incredibly flexible in their placement throughout the home. Almost all locations can be improved by the instalment of this system and with our team we can ensure that this heating equipment is an irreplaceable asset to you and your family.


The ducted systems ability to maintain healthy airflow has undeniable benefits to occupants of the home. Removing damp air and encouraging circulation is important in all rooms. Everyone has woken in the morning to condensation dripping down the windows. A ducted system will completely cure this issue through the method of extraction. An efficient airflow in the home can keep the build up of condensation to a minimum, reducing mould and other issues that come from dampness.

The innovation of a ducted system to improve the overall heating in your home is invaluable in the benefits it offers. With the ease of installation and accommodation of the product, Comfy Kiwi Homes can guarantee you will immediately experience the positive effects of this attribution to your home.


You should consider the installation of a ducted system when you’re in the market for a whole-home heating system. This product is guaranteed to introduce the flow of warm air to all areas of your place and improve the health of everyone that lives there.

With a Panasonic ducted system you can rely on its impressive quality and warranty to supply your home with a complete revamp of its climate. The outside weather will no longer hold your home ransom in its comfort. Our team is equipped to offer services that can assist you in your search for a comfortable home, and with our free assessment you have nothing to lose in considering what a heated duct system can do for you and your family.


It takes an expert to install one of these systems, but you don’t have to know all about it to keep it running. One of the biggest advantages of a ducted heat pump is how easy it is to control. Ease of use enhances usability drastically and with simple control of the thermostat you can alter the temperature in your home with the press of a button.


Comfy Kiwi Homes can provide you with specialised service for installing Panasonic fully ducted systems. Our experienced team of technicians are skilled in supplying these discreet units in homes that are under construction or pre-existing locations. Get in touch with us and we can provide you with a free consultation tailored to your specific requirements.


As Panasonic specialists we only deal with the highest quality ducted systems and as our company name states, we’re motivated to supply New Zealanders with comfy kiwi homes.