Secure Your Home’s Comfort With A Fully Ducted System

Keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer can feel like a full-time job where you’re continually juggling fans, heaters, blankets to try to stay comfortable. It is time things changed. It’s possible to keep your entire home comfortable under every seasonal condition through a single, streamlined heating and cooling system. All you need to do is install a fully ducted air conditioning system for seamless temperature control, all year around.

Fully Ducted Air Conditioners: Efficient Temperature Control & Convenient Design

A fully ducted air conditioning system is a concealed air treatment unit, usually installed in the floor or ceiling of a home. The system is hidden, with the vents being the only visible parts. To keep your home cool or warm, it operates as a heat pump, which means that it can ensure airflow throughout your entire building, or just in specific rooms. The ducts act as conduits for the air and with this type of system you can control the temperature from a single location.

The Advantages Of Having A Fully Ducted System

  • Efficient temperature control, meaning you get to save money
  • Better air circulation, which reduces muggy, humid air indoors
  • A sleek and discreet design won’t get in the way of your decor or design
  • Hassle-free controls for instant heating or cooling
  • Reduced noise levels for a peaceful environment

A Suitable Heating & Cooling Solution For All Building Types

From residential to commercial spaces, fully ducted air conditioning systems are incredibly flexible and versatile. A system like this works best for a property owner who needs to manage temperatures across a vast building space. If you live in a multi-story home, ducted systems are for you. It’s also perfect for small to medium-sized homes that lack the area to accommodate a traditional split system unit.

Expert Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services

Does a ducted system sound like what you need in your home or office in Auckland? Comfy Kiwi Homes have a team of friendly experts on hand to help you make a decision that will benefit you. Contact Comfy Kiwi Homes today for more information.