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Daikin Heat Pump Installation in Auckland

Custom Services for Your Unique Home

Every home is different, which is why we customise the installation plans for our customers. You have the opportunity to compare the heat pumps and air conditioners available from the best brands in the industry. We will listen to your requests, and then design a personalised plan for the installation.

Our team will handle every aspect of the installation, giving you the peace of mind to know that an experienced crew is working on your home. After we are done with the installation, we are happy to help with Daikin heat pumps repair, Daikin heat pumps service & maintenance as needed. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

We provide ongoing services to support the durability and long-term performance of your new heat pump system. Regular maintenance from an experienced contractor will improve the benefits that you receive from your heating and air conditioning system.

Should You Invest in a Daikin Heat Pump?

As a leading brand in the heat pump industry, Daikin is best known for reliability, affordability and efficiency. Their innovative technology is particularly efficient for indoor heating which can save you money on monthly energy bills. Start saving straight after installation and enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home all year round.

The lifespan of a Daikin heat pump can range up to 15 years if well maintained. As a reliable brand, you can count on Daikin to serve you well through the years. With such a lengthy lifespan, you can recoup your initial investment with reduced energy bills for years to come. 

Daikin is known for quiet and high-performing units. They’ve proved themselves for decades with simple systems that do the job well without drowning your home with annoying mechanical noises during use. Enjoy your heat pump without it affecting your home life by eating, sleeping and relaxing in a quiet and temperature-controlled environment round the clock.

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