Ventilate Your Mould Problems Away

Mould doesn’t discriminate. This fungus will grow anywhere that provides enough moisture to form a fertile breeding ground. As pretty much every New Zealand home does have moisture issues of some sort, controlling mould is something most Kiwis have to do. Our home ventilation systems are perfect in this respect as they help to dry out a home. While opening your doors and windows in summer might create some ventilation, on still and humid days you could actually be making the problem worse – after all, humidity equals moisture which equals mould. Our ventilation solution is much more effective. 

We install EVOAQ ventilation systems. They’re not your everyday systems. Each one is intelligently designed to monitor the air coming into your home and will act accordingly. It’s the only system we know of that can learn and adapt to its environment, automatically adjusting its operation to provide maximum benefits, and that includes mould control.

Over the course of one year, a New Zealand family can produce 3500 litres of damp air inside their home. This is not just in winter but in summer too. And it’s important to note that this is just the average family; larger family groups produce so much more moisture through domestic activities like cooking, cleaning, drying clothes inside and showering. All of these things can create almost 10 litres of moisture a day. When it’s not efficiently removed from the environment within your home, it can cause excessive condensation, volatile organic compounds, airborne particles and, of course, mould.

As we’ve said, mould is common in most New Zealand houses. In small amounts, it is usually harmless. But in damp and poorly ventilated homes, mould grows to an alarming degree and  releases tens of thousands of invisible spores into the air. When they’re breathed in, they may cause very serious health issues, especially for infants and the elderly, as well as those with compromised immune systems and people suffering from respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

When a breeze is blowing, opening windows and doors in summer is a good way of airing out a home and keeping it dry. But the hottest days are usually humid and sticky and still – with no breeze coming through the home and moisture levels in the air growing as a result. Perfect conditions for mould, which doesn’t take long at all to grow. Our ventilation systems step up in these situations and help you create a drier and healthier home, not just in summer but in winter too. To find out more about them, give us a call!


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