Ask this supplier and installer of Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi heat pumps, and they’ll tell you that these brands are world-class. The efficiency of modern heat pumps is quite exceptional – up to 400%! A device like a Panasonic inverter heat pump is even more energy efficient because it varies the rotation speed of the
On July 1, 2019, New Zealand’s Labour-led coalition government passed it’s much-vaunted Healthy Homes Standards into law. Pushing the original policy through Parliament and into law was, excuse the pun, a labour of love for Jacinda Ardern’s party. Much had been made of the policy in the lead up to the 2017 General Election, and
At this time of the year, we’re installing Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland homes for more than just their efficient cooling functions. Many people still have winter on their minds when they ask us to supply and install a heat pump. While it might be spring, there is still a chilly feel in the air
As heat pump specialists, you could say we’re in-between seasons. The winter rush for heat pump installations in Auckland during colder weather is behind us. Meanwhile, the summer rush for heat pumps to cool things down on hot summer days is ahead of us. But that’s not to say we’re going to put our feet
As proud, award-winning suppliers and installers of Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland, we can tell you a lot of good stories about these fantastic heating and cooling units. One of the best stories is about R32, the refrigerant being used in an increasing number of Panasonic heat pumps. At first glance, you might think the
As award-winning and accredited Panasonic heat pump dealers in Auckland, we can tell you all you need to know about this great brand. Their heat pumps are packed with world-class features and innovations including inverter technology. But what does a Panasonic inverter heat pump do that others don’t? Its biggest benefit is maximum energy efficiency
For a number of years, the thought of Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland homes conjured up images of smart-looking units placed high on the wall or down on the floor. That is still the case for many Auckland homeowners and they are very happy with their Panasonic heat pumps just the way they are. We’re
There’s nothing nicer than getting home on a cold winter’s night, turning on the heat pump, and feeling that warmth kick in. But how about feeling that warmth as soon as you walk in the door? You don’t have to own a smart home to achieve that. You just need to get in touch with
The weather is getting colder outdoors and things are feeling cooler indoors, so you’ve made a smart decision in choosing to install a heat pump in your Auckland home. Now you have another decision to make: which type of heat pump should you install? It’s a daunting question but we’ll work with you to ensure

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