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The Link Between Air Conditioning And Good Health

The health benefits of air conditioning are often overlooked. While you might focus on the comfort that our air conditioning technology will bring you during hot summers and cold winters, there are other advantages to investing in it. Here are the main ones.

A recent American study looked at the benefits of air conditioning beyond just heating in winter and cooling in summer. They researched the other positive side-effects of having air conditioning installed and they were numerous and significant. They include:


Improves Air Quality 

Without adequate air filtration, the air inside your home will become stale with dust particles and bacteria. These can pose a significant health hazard causing coughs, common colds, headaches, fatigue and more. The quality air conditioning units we supply have effective filters which work to remove particles and toxins in the air. This can be particularly useful for those with allergies to remove allergens from the air in their home. As air conditioning works away in the background, the air in your home is renewed to allow for fresh incoming air. By installing air conditioning, your air quality will greatly improve, and your health with it.


Reduces Risk of Asthma Attacks

New Zealand has a high prevalence of asthma with around 1 in 8 adults suffering symptoms. This and other common respiratory conditions can be contributed to poor air quality in many Kiwi homes. A good air conditioning system reduces the chances of asthma attacks by reducing the things that can trigger them. Install a leading air conditioning system to filter air that could contain dust mites, pollutants or allergens while removing the dampness that can cause mould.


Reduces Humidity

Humidity is dampness  and that’s unwanted in a home. A drier home is a healthier home as dampness can result in dust mites and mould. Reducing humidity will also remove the risk of heatstroke and dehydration. While there are other methods to minimise humidity, the study confirmed that nothing works as well as an air conditioning system.


Improves Working From Home

More and more of us are moving to WFH. It means fewer travel costs, less wasted time and can improve your working efficiency. So it stands to reason that improving your WFH environment can improve your work performance. By creating a comfortable temperature at home with the help of air conditioning from Comfy Kiwi Homes, it’s possible to improve productivity and focus, whilst reducing stress. Many people become unfocused and irritable if they get too hot or cold. Air conditioning in your home office provides a healthier atmosphere and can help your ongoing career.


Provides Better Sleep

Much of our health and well-being is down to getting a good night’s sleep each day. The key to sleeping well throughout the hotter seasons is to lower the body’s core temperature to a level that promotes deep sleep, including REM sleep which is crucial in helping to wake up feeling recharged and ready to take on the day. Your all-around health is in part connected to rest as that’s when our body goes into a state of recovery. Quality sleep helps with weight control, stress management and many other factors, so getting down to that correct core body temperature is of utmost importance. The easiest and most reliable way to achieve a healthy overnight temperature is with aircon.


Deters Mosquitos and Other Insects

Auckland summers are when the insects mostly invade homes. Air conditioning can actually reduce the number of insects, bugs and other pests entering our homes. The cooler temperatures in your home can deter warm-loving critters, and with a cooler home comes a cooler body temperature, making you less desirable to mosquitoes. Finally, air con generates a drier atmosphere whereas insects prefer damp surroundings.


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