The Link Between Air Conditioning And Good Health

The health benefits of air conditioning are often overlooked. While you might focus on the comfort that our air conditioning technology will bring you during hot summers and cold winters, there are other advantages to investing in it.

A recent American study looked at the benefits of air conditioning beyond just heating in winter and cooling in summer. They researched the other positive side-effects of having air conditioning installed and they were numerous and significant. They include:

  • A reduction in humidity. This leads to a drier home with less dampness, and that can only be good news as high humidity is linked to dust mites, mould, heatstroke and dehydration. While there are other methods to minimise humidity, the study confirmed that nothing works as well as an air conditioning system.
  • Less chance of asthma attacks. This is a huge benefit in New Zealand, where we have one of the highest levels of asthma and other respiratory conditions anywhere in the world. A lot of this can be put down to the poor air quality in many Kiwi homes. A good air conditioning system reduces the chances of asthma attacks by filtering air that could contain dust mites, pollutants or allergens while removing the dampness that can cause mould. All of these things are known to trigger asthma attacks.
  • Improved air quality. Without effective air conditioning, the air inside your home can become full of dust and bacteria, which represents a significant health hazard that can cause coughs, colds, headaches, fatigue and even worse. By installing air conditioning, your air quality will greatly improve, and your health with it.
  • Keeps insects and parasites at bay. Here’s a little known benefit but one that can hugely improve your surroundings and your quality of life in summer. Air conditioning can reduce the number of insects, bugs and other pests in several ways. For a start, it cools the temperature in your house to a level that is uncomfortable to warmth-loving critters. In a cooler home, your body temperature drops which makes you less desirable for mosquitos. Finally, air conditioning generates a drier atmosphere whereas insects much prefer damp surroundings.
  • Makes work less stressful and more productive. Research shows that a comfortable temperature in the office improves productivity as workers are less stressed and more focused. When they’re too hot, or too cold, employees can become unfocused and irritable, and that is not good for output. Air conditioning in the office also provides for a healthier atmosphere, such as improved air quality, and this has been shown to decrease the number of sick days taken by workers.
  • Encourages a great night’s sleep. The foundation for so much of our good health is a good night’s sleep. Key to this is lowering the body’s core temperature to a level that promotes deep sleep, including REM sleep which is crucial in helping to wake up feeling recharged and ready to tackle the day. Remember too, that good sleep helps with weight control, stress management and all-round health, so getting down to that correct core body temperature is so important. Air conditioning is the most efficient and reliable way to bring that temperature down and keep it that way.

For air conditioning that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, contact us. We’ll not only help you stay comfortable…we’ll help you stay healthy as well!.


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