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The Pros And Cons Of A Ducted System

It’s widely regarded that ducted heat pump systems are the premium offering when it comes to a versatile system that can heat and cool homes with one central unit. In New Zealand, heat pump ducted systems continue to grow in popularity but what exactly is a ducted heat pump system? A ducted system is a type of heat pump unit that provides conditioned air to your entire property using ducts (or vents). Commonly, they are installed into your ceiling space and circulate the heated or cooled air overhead before transferring it into specified zones or rooms.

As wonderful as ducted heat pumps are, they aren’t for every home. Comfy Kiwi Homes can give clear and concise advice and information on the correct solution and heat pump type for your property, based on your requirements and budget. We stock a number of industry-leading brands to choose from, including:


Panasonic Heat Pumps

As a trusted and reputable brand of heat pump manufacturer, we are a proud accredited supplier of this world-famous brand. We offer full-service solutions, including heat pump installation and ongoing maintenance or repair. Allow us to offer our expert advice on Panasonic solutions to control the temperature in your property.


Daikin Heat Pumps

As an industry-leading brand for many years, Daikin offers quality materials at an affordable price point. With a personalised installation plan for all our customers, we will take the time to listen to your requests and advise on which Daikin product is the right choice for you.


Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

The Japanese manufacturer is a reliable choice to heat and cool your home for decades to come. Your one-stop shop for Mitsubishi heat pumps, we can ensure you get the best option for your property with the best solution to maximise the performance of your Mitsubishi heat pump.


What are the Pros & Cons of Ducted Heat Pumps?

To help you get a better idea of the advantages and disadvantages, we thought we’d list the pros and cons of ducted systems on one page.



  • With the main operating unit outside, ducted heat pumps are much quieter than singular units. Benefit from reduced noise levels for a more peaceful home environment. Better for reading, watching movies and getting the kids to sleep.
  • Dictate your home’s indoor temperature to maintain a comfortable environment from one central unit, making a ducted system very easy to operate.
  • Enjoy a consistent temperature throughout your home with no more hot and cold spots to deal with.
  • Improve air circulation to reduce muggy, humid air during summer.
  • Save money on running costs with efficient ducted systems. These are far more economical to supply and run than multiple heat pumps.
  • Ducted systems boast a sleek and discreet design so they fit in with your decor and design.



  • Depending on your home, a ducted system may not be able to be installed if your home doesn’t have enough space for the main unit.
  • Installation is more complex than a conventional heat pump system and therefore takes longer to complete.
  • The initial cost of ducted heat pumps is higher, but you are receiving a superior product than could save you money in the long run. It will also cool and heat your home far more efficiently than any other heating source.


With more advantages than disadvantages, installing a ducted heat pump system in your home can give you years of quality temperature control. Whilst it is often a perfect solution for larger properties with a range of rooms, it may also be the perfect fit for smaller homes that lack the wall area to accommodate a traditional split system unit. Find out whether a ducted system is your best option today by getting in touch with us. We’ll visit your home and consider all the factors in installing the perfect heat pump for your needs. Receive a quote from our experts and add a heat pump to your home.