The Pros And Cons Of A Ducted System

As ducted systems become more popular, we’re fielding plenty of enquiries about how these wonderful systems work.  While we openly acknowledge that ducted systems are flexible and versatile, we do know they’re not for everyone – and in that case, we’re sure to have an alternative heating and cooling solution. To help you get a better idea of the advantages and disadvantages, we thought we’d list the pros and cons of ducted systems on one page.


  • Temperature for the whole house is controlled from one central unit making a ducted system very easy to operate.
  • Ducted systems deliver consistent heating in every room in winter, meaning no more hot and cold spots throughout the home.
  • Ducted systems are renowned for offering better air circulation, which reduces muggy, humid air during the warmer months.
  • Ducted systems boast a sleek and discreet design so they fit in with your decor and design.
  • One ducted system can be far more economical to supply and run than multiple heat pumps.
  • As the main operating unit is outside of the living area, you’ll enjoy greatly reduced noise levels for a far more peaceful home environment. This is particularly good when you’re trying to get your kids to sleep.


  • The initial outlay and running costs may be higher, but the system will still heat a home far more efficiently than any other heating source so it is still an outstanding investment.
  • Installation of a ducted heat system is more involved than conventional heat pumps and could take longer to complete as a result.
  • A ducted system may not be able to be installed in homes where there is not enough space for the main unit.

A ducted system offers more advantages than disadvantages. Even the relatively high cost of installing such a system is greatly offset by the outstanding energy efficiency you will enjoy over the years. And while a ducted system might appeal as the ideal heating and cooling solution for a larger property with a lot of rooms, it might also be the perfect fit for a smaller home that lacks the wall area to accommodate a traditional split system unit.

To find out for sure if a ducted system is the best option for your home (or business), we suggest you contact us and we’ll come to you. We’ll have a look at your property and tell you if a ducted system is a good fit for you, or if you might be better off with one of our other products, like a conventional wall system, or even a floor console. Whatever we suggest, you can be sure that the advice is offered by experts and that any quote we give you will be free!


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