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Air Conditioner Odour At Home. Upset Woman

What to do When My Heat Pump Smells Bad

The award-winning Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin heat pumps we supply deliver clean and healthy air to your home, heating it in winter and cooling it in summer. Efficient, reliable and versatile. Once you install a heat pump in Auckland, you’ll never look back. However, what happens if you notice an odd smell coming from your old worn heat pump? Modern heat pumps shouldn’t smell bad. If you do notice an odour from your heat pump, it’s a sign that something needs your attention. It could even be an indicator that you need us to come to you and carry out urgent heat pump repairs or maintenance.


Types of Smells

Different smells can mean different things and can be an indicator of how urgent the issue may be.


What Does a Musty Smell Mean?

A musty smell is a sure sign that mould, dirt, or mildew has built up within your heat pump unit. This is much more likely to happen if you haven’t had the unit serviced or maintained for some time. This shouldn’t be ignored. 

Allowing a dirty heat pump to continue circulating contaminated air throughout your home could cause severe health issues for your family. It may worsen respiratory conditions, such as asthma. One of the key benefits of a heat pump is its ability to filter air. 


What Does a Burning Smell Mean

A burning smell isn’t normal and should be investigated by a professional. It can be caused by dust on the electric heater coil and occurs the first time a heat pump gets used in a while, or when auxiliary heat kicks in due to cooler temperatures. However, it could be something more serious. If your air filter is dirty, the heat pump has to work much harder to be effective, which can overheat your unit and cause an electrical odour. Alternatively, there may be materials or objects within the ductwork – if they’re visible and easily accessible, you could remove them but you’re best to play it safe and get us to check out the unit anyway with our servicing and repairs services.


If you notice any odours coming from your heat pump, we suggest getting in touch with Comfy Kiwi Homes today to organise a technician to carry out a service. Prevent expensive repairs or replacements with an annual maintenance program.