When Something Doesn’t Smell Quite Right

Modern heat pumps shouldn’t smell bad. The outstanding products we sell, like our award-winning Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin heat pumps deliver clean and healthy air to your home, although we recommend ongoing maintenance to ensure the quality of that air remains high. So, when you do notice an odd smell from your heat pump, it’s a sign that something needs your attention. It could even be an indicator that you need us to come to you and carry out urgent heat pump repairs in Auckland.

For example, a musty smell is a sure sign that mould, dirt, or mildew has built up within your heat pump unit. This is much more likely to happen if you haven’t had the unit serviced or maintained for some time. This smell should not be ignored! A dirty heat pump will circulate contaminated air through the room and could cause severe health issues for your family. For example, it may worsen existing asthma and other respiratory conditions, particularly with your kids. As our new generation heat pumps are designed to actually improve indoor air quality, it defeats their purpose if they’re not allowed to do that through a lack of regular cleaning or servicing.

Another smell to be wary of is an electrical or burning odour. Many people think this is normal for heat pumps that are simply working hard to cool or heat a room. It isn’t normal at all and you need to call us straight away. A lot of the time, it is caused by dust on the electric heater coil. This is one of the most common reasons behind that burning smell and it usually occurs when a  heat pump is turned on for the first time in a while, or when auxiliary heat kicks in due to cooler temperatures.

Other causes for that burning or electrical smell include a dirty air filter that is making your heat pump’s motor work harder. Or, there may be materials or objects within the ductwork – if they’re visible and easily accessible, you could remove them but we think you’re best to play it safe and get us to check out the unit anyway.

This should apply to any smell you notice coming from your heat pump. What you think is causing it and what is actually causing it could be two very different things. So whenever you get a whiff of anything, contact us and ask us to sort it out. A smelly heat pump is not normal and needs our urgent attention.


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