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Water Damaged Heat Pump and Air-Con Assessment​​

Aucklanders have suffered from a devastating summer of mass flooding, cyclones and constant adverse weather conditions. Alongside the major, and in some cases irreparable, damage caused to homes and infrastructure is minor damage to thousands of family homes across the region. Buildings exposed to flooding and water damage may have resulted in air conditioning and heat pump units being damaged and broken, putting people at risk. 


After a flood or storm surge from a cyclone, homeowners need to take necessary safety precautions with regard to their home’s heating and cooling systems. A house or basement exposed to standing water can damage your home’s water heater, furnace, boiler, air-conditioning, ventilation, and heat pump system. Before touching any electrical equipment ensure your power is shut off and you are protected from any risk of electrocution.


Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Systems

If your heat pump or air conditioning system has come into contact with water, it is likely a major repair or full replacement will be required. It is imperative you get your unit checked by a professional before using. Water damage can be dangerous and hazardous.


What Should I Do?

Following the result of flooding and cyclone Gabrielle in Auckland, you can contact the team at Comfy Kiwi Homes for a free assessment of your home’s heat pump or air conditioning systems. Our trained professionals will be happy to take a look around your home and make an assessment of your temperature-control systems to determine whether water damage has occurred or whether they are safe for use. If they require repairs or replacement, Comfy Kiwi Homes can arrange heat pump installation or air conditioning installation across Auckland.


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