Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes, from floor consoles to high-wall mounted and even in-ceiling units. Some will serve

Keeping your home dry in Auckland isn’t as simple as it sounds. Our subtropical climate can dump record amounts of rain one

Why should I choose a Daikin heat pump? The big question on most of our customer’s lips is ‘how do I choose

Living in a climate such as ours means we get a wide range of temperatures and differing seasons. You have to take

Why You Need A Multi-room Heat Pump As quickly as the sun set on our Auckland summer, the winter seemed to sink

Reasons Your Heat Pump Not Not Be Working Properly It’s winter and here in New Zealand, we are feeling the chill. Frosty

Do heat pumps really save you money? If you are in the market for a new heat pump, you have likely seen

What is the best way to use a heat pump?   As experts, take it from us, that heat pumps are worth

Should you leave your heat pump on all night? Summer has given way to autumn which, so far, has been a mixed

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