When installed correctly, heat pumps offer New Zealand homeowners efficient and economical home heating. Not only is choosing a reliable brand important but so too is choosing a professional to assist with your heat pump installation in Auckland. The last thing you want are errors to be made that may end up costing you far
We are super proud to be awarded Panasonic Elite dealers again this year! This makes us Panasonic’s Gold Dealers for 2014/2015,  and their Elite Dealers for 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018 and again in 2018/2019. We are extremely proud of our hard working, fantastic team, as this is another prestigious award that once again recognises the great work we
When compared to many other heating alternatives, heat pumps are an efficient option for your home or business property. Their energy-efficient characteristics serve a dual benefit by making them more environmentally friendly to run while they save you money on your monthly heating bill. Here are some of the reasons why heat pumps offer financial
If you’re looking for an efficient home heating solution, heat pumps are a great indoor climate control option. They’re much more cost effective than other stand-alone heaters, saving you money on your monthly heating costs. Ever wondered how exactly they work, and why you should choose them over other heating alternatives? To help answer these
A heat pump Auckland excels when it comes to the indoor heating of your home or office. However, as with most systems, there are both advantages and disadvantages to installing and using them. To gain a better understanding of the risks and rewards of purchasing one, take a look at these eight pros and cons:
Ask anyone who has an air conditioner installed in their home, and they’ll tell you that it was worth every cent. What could be better than cooling your home or heating it at the touch of a button? While an air conditioning system primarily exists for this purpose, it also has many other advantages that
You’ve heard about heat pumps and how they can cost-effectively keep your home warm and cool all year around. You have a basic idea of how they work, but with Heat Pump Installation Auckland winter fast approaching you’re concerned that it’s not something that will be able to function well when the temperatures drop. If
Every year, Kiwis have to adapt their homes and businesses to the changing seasons. The aim is to enjoy a consistent temperature, but it’s not always an easy feat. Are you tired of switching through ineffective fans and portable heaters at different times of the year? Then this article is for you. A heat pump
What comes to mind when you think of the modern basics every Kiwi home or business should have? For most people, it’s as simple as having an efficient temperature regulation method to help you stay cool through scorching summers and warm through freezing winters. Whether you have an air conditioning system on your Auckland property

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At Comfy Kiwi Homes, our goal is to make your home as comfortable as possible by creating the perfect temperature-controlled indoor environment. Our quality products and services, and experienced team of experts will work with you to find the ideal solution for your heating and cooling needs. We develop custom designed plans for each client based on their unique needs and preferences and use leading industry brands.


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