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Why should I choose a Daikin heat pump?

The big question on most of our customer’s lips is ‘how do I choose a good heat pump?’. So today we are going to highlight one of the industry’s leading brands, Daikin. They are a quality provider of heat pumps here in New Zealand and have long been a popular choice, but what makes them so good?


What makes a good heat pump?

Heat pumps should function in the background to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature in your home. They shouldn’t be heard much or have to be adjusted regularly. When looking for a heat pump you want a reliable, quiet and good-quality system. Things to consider are the type and size of the system, cost, and the location and climate of your property. Daikin offers a range of units to suit your needs. We can help advise you on the right type of system for your home.


Why Daikin?

Having built a reputation for quality and reliability, Daikin is a major player in the heat pump industry. Known and loved for simple systems providing dependability, quiet functionality and affordability for Kiwi homes, Daikin is one of the best brands to consider if you are searching for a heat pump.

Type and size of system: Daikin offers a range of sizes and models suitable for small, medium and large properties.

  • Noise: Daikin is known for having smooth and quietly running systems.
  • Cost: One of the more affordable options, Daikin mixes affordability with quality.
  • Reliability: All our heat pumps come with a 5-year warranty.
  • Installation: Contact us today and get a heat pump installed within 7 days.


Which system is right for my home?

The team at Comfy Kiwi Homes are always happy to help offer advice when it comes to deciding on a heat pump system for your property. Furthermore, if you get in touch with us today we can also book a free onsite consultation for you. This gives you a chance to ask an expert questions and have them provide specific guidance for your home and the best heat pump systems to proceed with. We stock Daikin heat pumps along with a variety of other top brands.

For more information, contact us today and find out more about installing a heat pump into your Auckland home.