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Do heat pumps really save you money?

If you are in the market for a new heat pump, you have likely seen a lot of claims that they can save you money. But what does that mean and how is it possible? Surely it costs money to have a heat pump, right? Well let us explain all with our complete guide to heat pumps and answer the all-important question: can you really save money with a heat pump?

Firstly, a brief explanation of how they work. Heat pumps extract heat from one place (outside) transferring it to another (indoor). Even when it is bitterly cold outdoors, heat pumps can function and pump the warm air into your home.

How can a heat pump save you money?

Of course, there is an upfront cost of purchasing the system and installation. But after that, you can start recouping those costs with reduced energy costs as they are a cheaper method of heating. This can be multiplied by using your unit efficiently. 

Ways to use efficiently

When we install heat pumps, we will talk you through how to use the system and all of your unit’s features:

  1. One feature is the timer mode, which means you can set times for your heat pump to turn on and off, thus avoiding accidentally leaving your system on all night and wasting money. You can also set it to come on so the house is already warm when you arrive home to stop you from cranking up the temperature which costs more. Heat pumps prefer to maintain a steady temperature for efficiency. 
  2. Heat rises, so set your fan to aim down towards the floor. This way the heat will warm the entire room quickly.
  3. Clean your air filters regularly to ensure your heat pump is working to its optimal level.
  4. An annual service from Comfy Kiwi Homes can save you money by keeping your heat pump working well and preventing costly repairs.
  5. Installing your heat pump in the perfect place is essential for improving efficiency. Our highly-trained staff can advise on the best place to install your unit to get the most out of it.

Another way to ensure installing a system that saves you money is to opt for a quality system from one of the industry-leading brands that Comfy Kiwi Homes supplies. But it’s not just the brand that counts. Getting the correct size is key. We understand it’s unlikely you are an expert on heat pumps, but we are. So for any questions or information, get in touch with us today.