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Reasons Your Heat Pump Might Not Be Working Properly

It’s winter and here in New Zealand, we are feeling the chill. Frosty mornings are followed by chilly days and cold evenings spent at home. Many of us rely on the fantastic capabilities of heat pumps to keep us and our families warm. Maintaining a comfortable temperature at home can help keep our immune system strong and ward off the common cold, not to mention making our house a cosy and happier place to be. But as fate would have it, sometimes heat pumps fail just when you need them most. Here’s what to do.

Unresponsive Heat Pump

If your heat pump turns on but is unresponsive to commands, it could be a simple fix. Rather than a complete failure, it could just indicate a flat battery in your remote. One telltale sign is if your remote control only works up close to the unit or if the display screen is growing fainter each day. 

Blowing Cold Air

Although heat pumps are made to extract hot air from outside even when it’s freezing, sometimes it takes them a little while to get going. If your unit has been off overnight and it is a particularly cold morning, your system may take several minutes to ‘defrost’ before being capable of heating your home. Although this is a rare occurrence, it’s worth bearing in mind before panicking if it happens to you.

Performance Drop

If you feel your heat pump isn’t functioning as well as it usually does, it might be due to blocked filters. Filters should be cleaned regularly to prevent a build up of dust and dirt clogging up your unit. A simple clean of the filter and you should see the performance of your heat pump immediately improve

Annual Service

We recommend an annual service to ensure you don’t encounter any problems with your heat pump. A service once per year can extend the lifespan of your unit and ensure it is running at its best. When you use Comfy Kiwi Homes for your heat pump, our assistance doesn’t end after installation. We help maintain and service it for you, providing the aftercare required for you.

Contact us today to find out more and get your heat pump installed, serviced or repaired by the Auckland heat pump experts at Comfy Kiwi Homes.