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house in winter - heating system concept and cold snowy weather with model of a house wearing a knitted cap

The Best Heat Pump Settings for New Zealand Winter

When it comes to heating your home during winter, selecting the best option is crucial as heating can contribute to a large portion of your power bill. Heat pumps have become increasingly popular in New Zealand, with over ¼ of households now using them as their favoured heating solution. However, to maximise the benefits of your heat pump, it’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all. At Comfy Kiwi Homes, by helping you select the appropriate model for your space, showing you how to use it correctly and offering regular maintenance, you can enjoy long-term savings on your winter power bills. Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing a new heat pump, as well as useful tips for optimising its efficiency during the Kiwi winter season.

Heat Pump Efficiency in Winter

Rather than generating heat, heat pumps transfer it. A much more cost-effective alternative to traditional heating methods. Using the right settings will help you maximise the efficiency of your heat pump throughout the winter season. Familiarise yourself with the remote control for your unit and ensure that you are using the heat setting (often represented by a sun icon) during winter. The swing setting can also enhance efficiency by directing the warm air down across the floor to warm the entire room.

  • Heat Setting
  • Swing Setting

Best Temperature for Heat Pump in Winter

Throughout the day in New Zealand’s colder months, it is recommended to set your heat pump to around 18-22 degrees Celsius. While this may seem low for achieving a toasty home environment, setting the unit to very high temperatures will consume more energy unnecessarily and burden your heat pump. Just because it is colder outdoors doesn’t mean you need to set your heat pump warmer indoors.

Throughout the night, if you require it, your heat pump doesn’t need to be as high as you are asleep under a duvet. By reducing the temperature to 16-18 degrees Celsius you can maintain a comfortable environment whilst reducing energy costs of the heat pump.

Type of Heat Pump and Usage

Heat pumps typically take around 10-20 minutes to reach the desired temperature in a room and maintain it easily. One of the most popular systems in New Zealand is the single split system, designed to heat a single room, often the lounge. With proper sizing and placement as determined by Comfy Kiwi Homes’ expert installation team, it can effectively warm your entire house. If you want to install a heat pump in your home, get in touch with us and get a heat pump installed within 7 days.