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Why A Panasonic Ducted System Is So Good

If you’re looking for a ducted heat pump in Auckland, then you’re definitely in the right place. We supply and install the city’s best fully ducted systems and we’re huge fans of how well they work. You will be too. As a way to heat or cool an entire home or commercial space, a ducted system offers you so many benefits.

  • Efficient temperature control which reduces power consumption and energy bills.
  • Better air circulation to reduce humidity
  • Discreet design that doesn’t get in the way of your decor or design
  • Hassle-free controls for instant heating or cooling
  • Reduced noise levels for a more peaceful environment

We’ve discussed all of these advantages before but we believe that Panasonic’s Premium Inverter Ducted Systems take things to a whole new level, and they’re worthy of their own posts. This is down to two huge reasons.

Number One: Panasonic Premium Inverter Ducted Systems are designed and manufactured for the New Zealand environment. Yes, they’ve been made with us in mind! Their operating temperature range is astounding; cooling operation is possible even when it is an unbearably hot 46ºC outside, and the heating operation will still work effectively when it’s freezing -20ºC outside!

Number Two: The Premium Inverter technology creates what Panasonic calls “ a powerhouse energy-saving ducted air-conditioning system” which can lower both cooling capacity and power consumption when needed. This technology benefits both the environment and your power bill, so if green credentials are as important to you as comfort, this is the ducted system for you.

While these are two very big benefits, Panasonic Premium Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners incorporate smaller but thoughtful touches as well. For example, cold drafts are common when a ducted air conditioning system starts operating in heating mode. However, Panasonic’s smart sensor technology allows airflow to enter the room once it has been warmed. This reduces cold drafts, keeping you comfortable at all times.

All Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and this includes Panasonic Premium Inverter Ducted Systems. So, if you are in the market for a ducted heat pump/air con unit in Auckland, you’re most certainly in the right place. We rate all of the ducted systems we supply and sell. However, there’s something about Panasonic Premium Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners that sets them apart as something special. So contact us and let’s talk about the best you can get.