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Put A Heat Pump To Work In The Office

A Panasonic inverter heat pump is a common sight in Auckland homes and businesses. We should know because we install most of them. Of course, one of these award-winning heat pumps would also be perfect in the office too. It’ll keep your employees cool in summer, warm in winter and more productive year-round. And it will stop a lot of grumbling from your team at the same time.

Planning and sustainability experts say that the four most common factors that adversely affect employee satisfaction are poor lighting, dodgy acoustics where it’s difficult to be heard (and to concentrate), air quality and temperature. Office temperature can fluctuate; opening a window at the sunny end of an open-plan office might be great for those sitting next to it, but for those on the other side of the room, it might not be so nice.

Setting the right temperature in the office is important but employees still rank excessive heat as one of their most common workplace complaints. Research has proven that when temperatures are too hot, it can cause headaches, lower concentration and, in extreme cases, nausea and vomiting. At the other end of the scale, temperatures that are too low can increase blood pressure and cause illnesses to develop – which explains why staff absenteeism is an issue at many workplaces.

Office temperature is also linked to productivity. A study conducted by the Berkeley National Laboratory has suggested that staff performance increases when temperatures are around the 21 to 22 degrees mark – but they start to decrease above or below this. Other studies have even shown a 16% decrease in productivity in offices where the temperature is above 25 degrees.

It’s interesting to note other research that suggests that slightly warmer temperatures are best for problem-solving and creative thinking tasks, while slightly cooler temperatures are better for  repetitive and task-oriented duties. The body is said to be slightly more alert when temperatures are cooler, and you’ll probably agree if you’ve ever felt drowsy in a warm and stuffy office space. The key is to not go to extremes, with that 22-degree mark being a happy balance.

So how do you set the correct temperature in the office and maintain it? A Panasonic inverter heat pump, of course! Inverter technology is superb at maintaining a constant temperature due to the way it works; the variable speed compressor motor slows down and speeds up as needed to maintain the selected temperature setting. Because it doesn’t turn itself on and off all the time, the desired room temperature is attained more quickly and held more efficiently. We think you should put an inverter heat pump to work in your office – your employees will be much happier and more productive as a result, so give us a call and ask for a free quote.