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One Hot Summer Too Many?

Is this summer proving to be the last straw as far as the heat is concerned? It’s a hot one, and as air conditioning experts we’re seeing that for ourselves through increased demand for our cooling products. At this time of year, our heat pump installation in Auckland is done with cooling in mind (although in winter it will be its heating qualities that will be required), so if you’re not handling the heat, get in touch with us. Things are only going to get warmer!

Did you know that 12 of the 13 years from 1995 to 2007 have been the warmest in New Zealand since 1850? 1998 and 2005 are the warmest years since records began, and over the last 100 years, New Zealand’s temperature has increased by 0.9ºC. The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) predicts that New Zealand’s annual average temperature will probably increase by about 1°C by 2040, and 2°C by 2090. That might not sound like a lot but NIWA says that a 2°C change is like moving Wellington to Auckland, while Dunedin will be more like Marlborough, and Auckland will more closely resemble Sydney. When you see it like that, a 2°C change is a radical one – it’s like New Zealand being several hundred kilometres closer to the equator.

So this hot summer, and the recent warm seasons we’ve experienced, are not freak events. They’re part of a trend towards even warmer weather, hotter days, and even more uncomfortable and sleepless nights.

Auckland currently has about 21 days a year over 25ºC, but by 2090, there’ll be 60 days of temperatures over 25ºC – and if we are not able to curb emissions, there could be as many as 80 days a year that top that 25ºC mark. Summer is meant to be hot, we understand that, but with more and more days over 25ºC, summers will get longer. With more hot days, there’ll be a greater need for appliances that can keep us cool. But how can we stay cool if those appliances are contributing to greenhouse emissions?

Energy-efficient air conditioning is the answer. Environmentally friendly, with low power consumption but high output, our air conditioning units are better for you and the planet than any other alternative. And, of course, they’re superb at keeping you warm in winter – even though those winters seem to be getting shorter! So if it’s finally time to get serious about staying cool in an increasingly warm city, contact us for a free quote.