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We’re World Leaders In Using Heat Pumps

Panasonic heat pumps in NZ are common sights in many Kiwi homes and businesses. We’re proud to say that we’ve supplied and installed thousands of them. The popularity of the heat pump in New Zealand is no great surprise to us given that research has confirmed that it is the most cost-effective way to heat a home or business; well over 50% of all heating products sold in this country are heat pumps, and on average they use a third less electricity than a cheap electric heater while being far more effective at heating a space.

While we’re familiar with all these benefits in New Zealand, how does the rest of the world stack up? It seems they’re a little slower than us to fully appreciate the advantages that heat pumps bring them. The United States is a prime example.

Policymakers in that country have placed most of their attention on decarbonising the transportation (29% of global emissions) and power sectors (28%), and a new study says wider heat pump usage for heating and cooling homes and businesses could further reduce fossil fuel emissions in that part of the world. The study from Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy says further innovation with heat pumps combined with measures like a carbon tax could eliminate 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions from the heating and cooling sectors. Yet this hasn’t received much policy support from governments, and the benefits of heat pumps are poorly understood by consumers. The American government has no policies to promote heat pump use, even though California and several Northeastern states do.

What’s happening with heat pumps elsewhere? Market share for the appliances is still low in Europe, but as the benefits become more obvious, several countries now offer incentives for switching from conventional oil or electric heating to heat pumps. In Japan, heat pumps make up a third of the space heating sector, with the government actively promoting consumer education and higher product quality. Meanwhile, China is actively promoting the use of heat pumps, with subsidies covering up to 90% of unit costs in the country’s northern provinces, where coal has long dominated the heating sector.

So, while some countries are doing what they can to promote heat pump use, and others are lagging behind (particularly the United States), New Zealand is well ahead of the pack when it comes to using them. When it’s time for you to do the right thing and install a heat pump in your home or business, contact us and we’ll provide a world-class heat pump backed up by our world-class service!