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What size heat pump do I need?

Heat Pumps are brilliant systems to ensure maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round. From cooling the room in summer to heating the room in winter, heat pumps can do it all. To ensure a well working and efficient system, however, it is integral that you choose the correct size heat pump for your property. Here’s why it is important.

Too small

If your heat pump is too small, it will have to work tremendously hard to make up for its lack of output in order to cool or heat large spaces. Overworking can cause the system to experience more wear and tear and therefore encounter more issues over time.

Too big

Installing a system that is too large for your property is a waste of money when it comes to upfront costs. You will be paying for something you don’t require, and the running costs of higher-powered systems can cost more.

Just right

This is why selecting the correct model is so important. The size of the model compared to the size of the space you’re trying to control has a direct impact on efficiency and costs.

When we talk about heat pump size, we don’t mean the physical size, instead, we mean how many kW output it has. Heat pumps usually range from 1.2kW to 10kW, meaning there is quite a disparity in sizes. That’s why here at Comfy Kiwi Homes if you’re uncertain about what heating system is best for you, our experts can advise you on your options to make sure you get the best value for money from your heat pump installation in Auckland. We will even personalise it to make sure it’s designed to benefit the space in your home.

Before contacting us, there are some questions to ask yourself which will help us advise you on which heat pump system is best for you.

Consider the following:

Is it heating or cooling that is more important for your home?

Where in Auckland do you live and what is the range of temperature your home has throughout the year?

How many rooms do you want to be able to heat/cool?

How big is your property?

What is the height of the ceilings?

Is your home well insulated? Do you have double glazing? Are you sun-facing?

After factoring in these considerations, get in touch with us today and get started on a plan to add a heat pump to your home.