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Ducted aircon maintenance

Ducted air conditioning systems are the best on the market and can be used to cool large homes or commercial buildings. They can be expensive to install but can cool buildings for years and years to come – with their lifespan-extending 20 years. To ensure your aircon is working at its optimal performance, stress-free service from Comfy Kiwi Homes can prevent unnecessary problems that require repairs and help keep your energy costs down. Here are the best ways to make sure your ducted air conditioner is working properly.


The most simple step in any maintenance is the cleaning and replacing of air filters. If you’ve owned a property with aircon for any amount of time you’ll likely already be aware of this. The problem is most people wait for a dip in performance before addressing filter issues. Neglecting these integral parts of your system can lead to issues further down the line, as well as the immediate problem of reduced performance.

The best way to keep your airflow free from dust and debris clogging up the system is to book a regular service that will address this issue.

Why is this important?

Filters are important to filter the air your unit pumps into your property. If they aren’t cleaned or replaced often enough, the dust, dirt and allergens that build up on dirty filters will be released into the air every time your air conditioning is turned on. In summer, the risk of mould is increased if your filters are not cleaned properly. This is because the cold air inside the unit and the heat outside create an environment for mould to grow. Failure to address this can have a detrimental effect on those in your home who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, or low immunity. However, clean air filters will have a positive effect on those who experience allergy flare-ups or asthma attacks.

Air conditioner coils

Your outdoor unit uses air conditioner and evaporator coils. Over the course of a year, dust and dirt will infiltrate these coils and need cleaning, which our services provide. If you feel your unit is not working as well as it used to, this could be one of the causes. The air filtering system will do some work to prevent the build-up of dirt in your coils, but over time it stands to reason some dust will get through and that’s why they require a clean as part of your annual maintenance.

Why is this important?

Failing to clean can lead to overheating of the unit which can add up to cause failure further down the line. When you neglect your engine and filters, the motor is required to work harder which will eventually lead to it burning out. This often causes a domino effect resulting in further extensive damage to other components within.

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