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Should you leave your heat pump on all night?

Summer has given way to autumn which, so far, has been a mixed bag of storms, chilly mornings and super hot sunny spells which make keeping a constant temperature in your Auckland home difficult. Ever-changing room temperatures in your home can be frustrating for a number of reasons. Whether you are trying to dry clothes indoors or just trying to relax, there is nothing worse than being cold one minute and hot the next.

Going into autumn’s colder months, your body will begin to notice the temperature change. After the hotter period of the year, you’ll find yourself more susceptible to getting a chill as your body acclimatises to the new season. You may be tempted to ease yourself in with the help of your heat pump. Mornings and evenings will be the most noticeable as the temperature drops dramatically when the sun is down. So what’s the answer to using your heat pump at night?

Should I leave my heat pump on overnight?

Firstly, it is worth remembering that heat pumps don’t just heat, they can cool too. You may have had the heat pump on all night throughout summer to deal with those hot nights without letting all the mosquitos in through open windows. Now that we have winter ahead, we’ll focus on colder weather.

Maintaining temperature

To keep your room from dramatically falling in temperature you can leave heat pumps on throughout the night. Heat pumps only operate when needed. The rest of the time they ‘sleep’. In a well-insulated house, it will take hours for room temperature to drop significantly enough to require the heat pump. Therefore, from a cost perspective, it shouldn’t necessarily cost more to have your heat pump on overnight. This will also save you from blasting the heat pump every morning trying to heat your home.
Choosing the temperature: We suggest choosing a temperature a few degrees cooler than you’d opt for when you are awake. This is for several reasons. Firstly, when you sleep you’ll be under a duvet and, probably, in pyjamas. This means you won’t need the room quite as warm as you would normally. It will also save you money throughout the night by requiring less work from your unit.


A comfortable environment makes for a good sleep which is essential for productivity at work and a happy mood.

Just make sure you don’t set the temperature too high and overheat at night and consider using the timer mode if you want to fall asleep or wake up with the heat pump on but not have it running all night.

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