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The Kids Have Spoken: Our Bedrooms Are Too Cold

We’ve long advocated for New Zealand homes to be warmer and, at the same time, have pointed out how heat pumps are the most efficient way to do that. No other heating source is as effective and economical. If you don’t have heat pumps, we suggest you invest in them, you can start with Daikin Heat Pumps. And if you already have these fantastic appliances in your home, then we recommend it’s time for a service or to finally book in those long overdue heat pump repairs. When it comes to supply and installation, and repairs or servicing, one call to us will look after everything.

One reason we’re so keen to make homes warmer and healthier is that we often see reports and studies that show the exact opposite is happening; many New Zealand homes are far too cold! The latest study we’ve read further endorses this view. It was carried out by the University of Auckland and researchers at BRANZ who surveyed 2000 children, and the findings were revealing.

The study states that 1000 of the children surveyed were going to sleep in bedrooms that were too cold during winter – at or below 19 degrees Celsius – while the temperature in some rooms plummeted to under 4 degrees by the morning. As an aside, a further 13% of the children slept in bedrooms that were too hot or humid in summer, with the hottest bedrooms reaching more than 34 degrees!

It’s widely accepted that the healthiest temperature range is between 19 and 25 degrees Celsius. Children who regularly sleep in temperatures outside that optimum range are more likely to suffer conditions such as upper respiratory tract infections, asthma, ear infections and tonsilitis. With New Zealand having one of the highest rates of respiratory conditions in children anywhere in the world, it’s not overstating things to say that cold bedrooms are one of the main causes.

When was the last time you checked that your kids’ bedrooms are warm enough? Tucking them in under a warm blanket might not be enough to give them a good night’s sleep in that desirable 19 to 25-degree range. Low ambient temperatures overnight can have a bigger effect than you imagine, so it could be time to invest in a low-cost room thermometer that records high and low temperatures over a set period of time. What that thermometer tells you might be surprising, and alarming. It could indicate that the heat sources you use in your child’s bedroom might not be up to the job of reaching and maintaining a healthy temperature. You’re not giving your child the environment they need, and you’re wasting money on a heat source that is not effective.

We know for a fact that heat pumps are effective. They’re energy-efficient, economical and able to maintain a constant temperature. That is why we think that your family will be healthier, and sleep better, with a new heat pump…or a newly repaired one! For supply or servicing, remember that one call to us will take care of it all.