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A Short Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Is your heat pump making strange noises that you’ve never noticed before? Or do you notice an odd smell coming from the device? This heat pump troubleshooting guide might give you the answers to those baffling questions. If it doesn’t provide the information you’re looking for, then call us and we’ll rectify any issue for you.  

One of the most common signs that all is not well with your heat pump is a strange noise, one you probably haven’t noticed before. This is what those noises could indicate:

  • If you hear a gurgling sound, or a noise similar to air being exhaled, then don’t be too alarmed. These sounds usually mean that the heat pump is in a defrosting cycle. In cold temperatures, your heat pump will go through this process to remove ice that has built up on the outdoor coils to maintain the efficient operation of your heat pump. This is less likely to occur in new-generation heat pumps which are incredibly effective in cooler weather for example Daikin Heat Pumps.
  • A rattling sound could be telling you that there is a hardware problem with the unit, such as a loose component inside the heat pump. Don’t go digging around inside the unit – leave it to experts like us.
  • If the heat pump starts to produce a grinding noise then it may be because the fan motor is wearing. However, regular maintenance should eliminate this issue altogether.

Strange odours are also signals that your heat pump is not at its best. Here is what those smells mean:

  • Most burning smells are caused by dust on the electric heater coil. This usually occurs when you turn on your heat pump for the first time in a while, or when auxiliary heat kicks in because of cooler temperatures. Dust and particles can make their way through the unit’s ductwork to the electric coils and when you turn your heat pump on for the first time, you will smell the particles being burnt off the coils. We believe you should call us to play it extra safe, even if the smell reduces over time.
  • A dirty air filter can force the motor to work harder and this too can lead to a burning smell. Check your filters – if they’re dirty, it should be relatively easy to clean them according to your owner’s manual but we can also carry out that job as part of a regular service.
  • Unsurprisingly, an electrical odour is often related to an electrical issue with the device. If that’s the case, call us straight away and never try to resolve the issue yourself.
  • A musty or “dirty” smell might mean mould or mildew has built up in the unit. This typically occurs when the heat pump is not cleaned or serviced regularly.

Because heat pumps are complex appliances, it is always best to call us and let our expert technicians fix up any issue. We believe that cleaning filters should be your limit when it comes to heat pump maintenance, while we should look after the more intricate work. Finally, if your heat pump doesn’t work at all once you’ve pressed the button on your remote, check the batteries inside your remote control unit. This is the most common troubleshooting issue of all, and the easiest for you to fix!