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How Long Will Your Heat Pump Last? That’s Up To You!

One question we are commonly asked when people are checking out our heat pumps is:

“How long will my new heat pump last?”

It’s a difficult one for us to fully answer as a number of factors come into play. But in many ways,  how long your heat pump lasts is really up to you. In many ways, it all depends on how well you look after it. Sadly, many people who spend good money on a quality heat pump fail to get the best return out of their investment because they have their heat pump installed and then promptly ignore it. They believe that it will just keep heating, or cooling, with no problems at all. They wouldn’t think twice about having their car serviced – but they don’t think at all about servicing their heat pump. That’s a waste of money on their initial purchase, and a missed opportunity to save further money down the track.

In the industry, it is widely accepted that a heat pump should comfortably operate for up to 15 years like our Daikin Heat Pump, and given the exceptional energy efficiency of modern devices – around 500% in the elite range of models – this would be a great return on the initial investment. But it all depends on how well the heat pump is looked after. Even the very best models, like our award-winning Panasonic heat pumps, can’t operate at peak capacity if they’re not cared for in the way the manufacturer intends.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It’s so important that it deserves to be repeated: operating your heat pump properly, and requesting professional inspections and regular servicing will keep your heat pump working for as long as it was designed to. This includes things like ensuring coils are kept clean, cleaning the fins on the outside condenser unit, and cleaning or replacing air filters regularly according to manufacturer recommendations. While you can do some of the smaller cleaning jobs yourself e.g. filters, the rest should be left to highly trained and skilled professionals like us.

In summary, if you want to know how long your new heat pump will last, then you should understand that you have quite a bit of say in that! It comes down to looking after your heat pump correctly and giving it every opportunity to be the highly efficient and money saving device that it is designed to be.