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Heat Your Home Centrally

A recent survey carried out by BRANZ, the independent research organisation established to improve the performance of the New Zealand building system, found that only about 5% of Kiwi homes are centrally heated. This is in stark contrast to the United Kingdom and Europe, where central heating is a popular way to heat houses. It’s a highly effective way to heat them too – we have to concede that homes in the Northern Hemisphere are usually warmer than those in New Zealand, and the way they’re heated has a lot to do with it.

We could learn a lot about home heating from those in the Northern Hemisphere. For example, adopting a form of central heating in New Zealand homes would have all sorts of significant benefits, the same ones currently enjoyed by people living in the UK and Europe. These include:

  • All-round home heating with even temperatures throughout. Hot or cold spots in a home can affect your health when going from one room to another.
  • Simple operation, with one control unit being used to heat or cool all rooms.
  • Minimal visual impact, with the main unit hidden away under the floor or in the ceiling.
  • Near-silent operation thanks to the main unit being located out of earshot – and out of sight.

Maybe New Zealanders are put off by the concept of central heating because they think it is an old fashioned method, and associate it with grim images of burning coal and the like? That is a very old school mindset! In this day and age, we can do central heating in a much more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way, and that is through ducted heat pumps.

The ducted heat pump systems we supply and install work in a similar way as conventional  central heating. The main unit is installed under the floor or in the ceiling and warm (or cool) air is distributed throughout the home using insulated ducting and discreet grilles. This means even temperatures in every room and the renowned energy efficiency that only heat pumps can provide.

Heating your home is obviously on your mind right now. While you can do it by using a separate heat source for every room, we believe that centrally heating your home through ducted heat pumps is a convenient and effective method worth considering. With that in mind, we invite you to contact us and discuss ducted heat pump systems and whether or not they are the best option for your home.