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Heat pumps provide year-round comfort

Summer can be too hot and winter can be too cold. Here at Comfy Kiwi, we like it just right. Our passion is to provide our Auckland customers with the perfect solution to manage their home temperature. With a chilly winter behind us, summer is starting to hit hard. It’s time for windows to open and, unfortunately, flies and mosquitoes come in! If you’re wondering if there is a way to keep warm in the cold and cool in the heat, we’ve got just the ticket.

Air conditioning is known for one thing: managing hot days inside your home. But heat pumps are a luxury addition that does it all. They are a year-round tool for managing temperature. You can never predict the weather in New Zealand but with our heat pump installation, you can rest easy 365 days per year.

There are numerous advantages to opting for its use all year round. Many people don’t seem to realise that heat pump units are installed with both air conditioning and heater, and can therefore heat as well as they cool a room. They’ll be your ally in winter and best friend in summer.

5 advantages of heat pumps

Heat pumps like Panasonic, Mitsubishi or Daikin Heat Pumps can be a fantastic choice for your home in many ways. In addition to the obvious, below are some of the advantages you can get by installing a heat pump today.

  1. Cheaper running costs

Heat pumps are generally cheaper to run than combustion-based systems. Opt for energy-efficient systems to save greater amounts in the long-term on your energy bills. They are known to be an environmentally friendly option.

  1. Long-lasting

If you’re planning for the future, you can find confidence in the fact heat pumps can last up to 50 years. Keeping your system in check with regular servicing can extend the life-span and they are commonly thought of as reliable additions to your home

  1. Add value

When moving house, things like heat pumps are stand out additions to prospective buyers. They add value to a property and maybe be a dealbreaker when buyers are deciding between two similar properties.

  1. Safe and easy systems

Extremely simple to use: on/off, hotter/cooler. They are also safe since they rely on electricity rather than gas or open flame.

  1. Reduces carbon emissions

Heat pump systems reduce carbon emissions and it has an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat.

Need to know more about adding one to your home? Contact us today and we’ll call you to discuss.