The best aircon brands for your home

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one. When it heats up, we often slow down. Whether attempting to work from home or simply be productive around the house. We think it’s finally time you sort out your hot weather woes by considering installing a quality air con system in your home. Comfy Kiwi Homes can help you and your family bring the enjoyment back to summer without the need for fans, doors wide open and stripping down to the bare essentials in the comfort of your home. This series takes a close look at what aircon systems offer and how to navigate the market.

A good home air conditioner not only offers respite from the summer heat but also gives you the benefit of air purification and humidity control all year round. With numerous brands trying to claim the market, knowing where to begin is important. Once a type is decided, the brand is the next major decision. Here’s one of the best brands available to you. We’ll feature more top brands next time.


Panasonic air conditioners are a super reliable brand that offers well-rounded overall aircon performance. The longevity of Panasonic is one of the most often spoken about attributes. Performance-wise, they are praised because of their cooling capacity and durability. Effective, resistant and easily maintained; Panasonic is a popular choice for those looking for the best air con units in Auckland.

Panasonic designs their products to provide more than just comfort to homes. They help to save energy, clean the air efficiently and are adaptable to your living spaces and styles. Living a modern lifestyle, including working from home, is made easier than ever.

With innovative design and high efficiency, Panasonic is one solution to keeping your home cleaner and more comfortable. Paired with super quiet technology, cooling your home will be barely noticeable – the way it should be.

The right type of aircon depends on your requirements. Factors to consider include the layout of your home and your budget. Our team of specialists can provide top quality advice on air conditioning installation. With decades of collective experience under our belt, we’re happy to discuss your bespoke needs and which of our products most suit your needs.

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