Fully Ducted Is Totally Worth It

For a number of years, the thought of Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland homes conjured up images of smart-looking units placed high on the wall or down on the floor. That is still the case for many Auckland homeowners and they are very happy with their Panasonic heat pumps just the way they are. We’re not surprised at all; as award-winning and accredited Auckland suppliers and installers of Panasonic heat pumps, we rate them very highly. They’re market-leading heating and cooling units that blend smart features with excellent efficiency.

However, many of the Panasonic heat pumps we’re now installing are a little harder to see once the job is done. That’s because they’re fully ducted systems, which consist of a concealed central unit which is usually placed in the floor or ceiling of a home. The system is hidden from sight, with the vents being the only parts visible, but in a very discreet and low key way. This is great news for our clients who want to preserve the good looks of their home interior, and our ducted systems certainly help them keep those aesthetics intact.

While we install a lot of Panasonic fully ducted systems for looks alone, there are a number of other benefits attached to them. As a ducted heat pump, it can ensure a pleasingly warm airflow throughout the entire building, or in specific rooms. The ducts coming from the main unit are conduits for the warm air, so with this type of system, you’re able to control the temperature from a single location.

With a Panasonic ducted heat pump being out of sight, it means that it is also out of earshot. The main unit hums away quietly in the floor or ceiling and this makes for quieter living areas. All the while, the system is providing excellent efficiency and performance, which is a hallmark of every Panasonic heat pump.

A Panasonic fully ducted heat pump system will heat or cool your home with minimum fuss, and with minimal visual impact. Give us a call at Comfy Kiwi Homes – we’ll happily discuss the advantages of a ducted system with you, and we will even come to your home for a consultation and see for ourselves if such a system will be the best fit for you. If it is, you can rest assured that fully ducted will be totally worth it.


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