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Why You Should Consider Wi-Fi

There’s nothing nicer than getting home on a cold winter’s night, turning on the heat pump, and feeling that warmth kick in. But how about feeling that warmth as soon as you walk in the door? You don’t have to own a smart home to achieve that. You just need to get in touch with us and find out more about Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi heat pumps.

With Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi control, you can get even more out of your investment and make your heat pump even more efficient than before. For example, if you want to receive a warm welcome as soon as you step in the front door, you can use Wi-Fi to turn on your heat pump as you’re travelling home. It will gradually heat up your home and ensure the place is comfortable and cosy by the time you arrive. No longer will you have to turn the heat pump up to full blast to generate some quick warmth – this will save you even more on your power bill.

To help you maintain a healthy and constant base temperature during a long, cold night, you can employ the minimum room temperature feature. Your heat pump will automatically switch on if it senses the temperature has dropped below the required minimum. This means you can maintain a healthy overnight temperature in your home without having to leave your heat pump operating all night. The reverse applies in summer; the maximum room temperature feature will automatically turn on to cool the room – this will let you sleep in comfort, and again, you won’t have to run the unit all night.

Because Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi control communicates with your heat pump remotely, you can adjust your unit to fit in with your daily schedule. For example, if you set your heat pump to turn on when you head home from work but decide to stay out and catch a movie instead, you can use the Wi-Fi Control to re-adjust the timer settings, or just turn your heat pump on/off remotely. Another money saver, another clever idea.

Smart is the word that springs to mind when you think of Mitsubishi Wi-Fi heat pumps. That’s why we are installing so many of these Mistubishi heat pumps in Auckland homes this winter. We’d happily do the same for you, so give us a call and we’ll help you with a heating and cooling system that does the thinking for you!