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Inverter Technology Explained

As award-winning and accredited Panasonic heat pump dealers in Auckland, we can tell you all you need to know about this great brand. Their heat pumps are packed with world-class features and innovations including inverter technology. But what does a Panasonic inverter heat pump do that others don’t? Its biggest benefit is maximum energy efficiency and lower power bills. To further explain things, let’s do a straight comparison between a fixed speed heater and a heat pump with inverter technology.

A fixed speed system does pretty much what the name implies: it only has a single-speed compressor motor, and that motor is either on or off. When the chosen temperature is reached, it turns off and when the temperature drops, it turns on again. As you can imagine, this stop-start process is not very efficient at all. As the fixed speed system can only operate at one speed, it takes longer to reach the desired temperature and this uses up a lot of power, especially in comparison to inverter driven systems.

Things run much more efficiently in a Panasonic inverter heat pump. The inverter technology uses a variable speed compressor motor which is often compared to a car. It just slows down and speeds up as required to maintain the selected temperature setting. Because it doesn’t turn itself on and off all the time, the desired room temperature is attained more quickly and held more efficiently.

There really is no comparison between the two. The inverter technology inside a Panasonic heat pump gives you a more precise room temperature without the fluctuations and higher power use of fixed speed heating systems. It is far more energy-efficient as well; it has been estimated that it offers energy savings of up to 30% over fixed speed systems. Plus, the speed control of the outdoor unit means quieter operation, which makes this sort of technology a popular choice in residential areas, and especially at night.

Now you know a little bit more about inverter technology in heat pumps, we’re sure you’ll want to know a whole lot about Panasonic inverter heat pumps! We’d be happy to oblige and provide you with all the information you require. We’re Auckland’s Panasonic heat pump specialists and can discuss the subject further, as well as come to your place for an in-home consultation. Simply contact Comfy Kiwi Homes, and we’ll make sure your Kiwi home is comfy too.