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Choosing the right heat pump company

Finding the right heat pump company is every bit as important as choosing the right product. It isn’t just a heat pump you’re purchasing – it’s also the instalment, servicing and ongoing customer support that is all part of the investment. To help you choose the correct company for you, we’ve put together a quickfire guide of what to look for:


Does the company sell respected brands; such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin? Looking for an elite dealer is always a positive sign. This proves the big brands trust the company, and if they can – you can.


Is the company simply a supply and demand shop that works within its own structure? Or are they a company that looks to do right by you by finding the best solution for your residential home? You want a company that is willing to advise based on their industry knowledge rather than just try to make a sale.


How experienced is the company? Are they leaders in their local area? A well-established company is often a safe bet. Comfy Kiwi also supply and install other major brands. You can discuss the specific brand and model you are looking for.


Does the company offer a quality guarantee? In doing so, this suggests they trust the products they sell and are confident of their skills. More so than that, it proves they care about their customers which is always an encouraging sign.


Those companies with solid Google reviews or testimonials on the website is an indication of quality staff. You can use the aforementioned as an indicator of solid workmanship and professionalism. The website should also indicate all staff are fully qualified, registered electricians and HVAC engineers.

We truly believe you should look no further for your heat pump company, as Comfy Kiwi provides all of the above and more. Some additional bonuses to using us in Auckland is our offer of a free home assessment. If you are curious about adding a heat pump to your home, this assessment can help make up your mind for you. Our products also come with a 5-year warranty which is quite a guarantee! Even if we say so ourselves.

To find out more, get in touch with us today for expert guidance. We’ll work around you and offer evening and weekend home assessments if you’re too busy during 9-5.