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Here’s To A Long-Lived Heat Pump

It has been estimated that most of the heat pumps in NZ break down and need replacing well before their expected life span. In fact, 90% of all heat pump failures are due to inadequate cleaning, infrequent maintenance, and a complete lack of servicing. The heat pumps we supply and install represent the very best in technology and are designed to last for years, and keep you comfortable for all that time. It’s frustrating when they’re not given the opportunity to perform at their peak for as long as they’re capable of, so we urge you to reconsider the importance of maintenance. The benefits speak for themselves.

It is widely agreed that a heat pump should operate at the highest efficiency level for up to 15 years like our Panasonic, Mitsubishi or Daikin Heat Pumps. For that long period of time, a premium model will deliver about 500% efficiency i.e. the heat pump will produce five kilowatts of heat for every one kilowatt of power it consumes. No other heating (or cooling) source is as energy-efficient, and over its lifetime the unit will deliver an incredible return on your initial investment.

This is why we recommend you make maintenance a priority. Even the best brands in the world will perform below their best if they’re not maintained regularly. To get the most out of your heat pump, you should operate it according to our advice and the manufacturer’s instructions. As well as this, asking us to carry out regular inspections and maintenance work, will make for a long-lived heat pump.

When we’re not carrying out our professional services, there are minor things you can do to help your heat pump operate at its best. For example, a monthly wash of the filters is a relatively simple task, as is removing vegetation and other obstructions from the area in front of the exterior unit clear. Everything else should be left to us.

It can be easy to relegate the importance of heat pump maintenance and servicing when the unit continues to keep you cool in summer, and warm in winter. However, the longer the heat pump is neglected, the sooner it starts to lose its capacity to keep on doing what it should. So, even when things are working as they should contact us for a regular inspection and ongoing maintenance. The result will be a heat pump that keeps you comfortable for as long as it is designed to do so – and with the modern heat pumps we supply and install, that’s a very long time indeed.