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Will Your Heat Pump Make It Through A Kiwi Winter?

At Comfy Kiwi Homes, we think heat pumps in Auckland are the most neglected home appliances in the city.  Modern heat pumps are highly efficient, and they operate so well that most Aucklanders tend to think that their heat pumps will run forever. But every piece of technology, no matter how advanced it is, needs regular servicing and your heat pump is no exception. The alternative is for you to do nothing, with the potential result that your heat pump might decide to pack it in and do nothing as well…and right in the middle of a cold Kiwi winter!

We believe heat pump servicing in Auckland should be done once a year. Comfy Kiwi Homes are leaders in Auckland heat pump servicing and we’ll happily go citywide to provide that service. Depending on the brand or the unit, a typical service from our expert technicians might include the cleaning of filters, and general checking of the indoor unit to ensure all components are undamaged. We’ll check the outdoor unit to see if anything is restricting airflow, such as vegetation or even vermin. If required, we’ll clean the compressor fins to eliminate build-up which can reduce the efficiency of the unit, and we’ll inspect for any electrical damage to connections in either the indoor and outdoor units, including faults or overloading of the cables. And, of course, we’ll carry out a final test of the unit to ensure everything is working as it should.

That checklist is just a snapshot of what might be involved in a typical service. We’re extremely thorough; you could even say we’re fussy. If anything compromises the efficiency and performance of your heat pump, we’ll find it and take immediate steps to resolve it. We suggest that you ask us to carry out a full service as soon as possible. You ask a lot of your heat pump at this time of year. You expect it to turn cold air into warm air, and then deliver that warm air into your home. And you want that to happen for hours on end, day after day. If your heat pump hasn’t been serviced for a while, if at all, then it certainly won’t be running at full capacity when you most need it to be. In fact, it’s more likely to break down.

By servicing your heat pump now, it will get you through winter in a warm and comfortable style. It will be a more efficient unit, and this will probably be reflected in even lower running costs.  So please don’t put off that heat pump service. Contact Comfy Kiwi Homes now and we’ll give that neglected heat pump the sort of attention it needs at this time of the year.