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Why You Need Heating In Your Garage

When you think about heating in the home in Auckland, you usually think about getting a Mitsubishi heat pump service installed to warm your living areas during winter. But what about heating in your garage? As it turns out, your garage needs some heating as well. Here’s why:

It Prevents Pipes From Freezing 

The winters in Auckland can get bitterly cold, to the point that your pipes might even start freezing! Certain parts of New Zealand, mostly mountainous areas, experience snow in winter. But your pipes can freeze in Auckland, where it doesn’t usually snow! So to prevent the pipes that run through your garage walls from freezing, use your Mitsubishi heat pump in a multi-split or ducted system to provide some heat. The last thing you need in winter is to call for repair services because they’ve frozen, or burst.

It Provides Another Usable Space 

Garages are used often for woodworking or other hobbies because they provide an area with lots of space to make a mess in. Whether you want to take up sewing, pottery or painting, a garage is the best place to work in, where you can also store your gear. But working in the garage in winter is cold, which means your hobby will most likely fall to the wayside. But if you provide heating to it during the cold months, you can be comfortable and warm enough to use your new hobby space to your heart’s content.

It Helps The Cars Start In Winter 

Whether you drive older vehicles or something new, it can be challenging to start your cars in the morning during winter. Because petrol also acts as a coolant, it can be difficult to start your car in the cold. Motor oil also gets thicker, and older car batteries can also have some trouble. But if you have some warmth from a Mitsubishi heat pump coming through the ducts in your garage, these struggles will disappear. At a comfortable temperature, your cars will start quickly every winter morning, preventing damage to the motor.

Who would have thought that a Mitsubishi heat pump could allow you so many benefits if it transferred some heat into the garage of your Auckland home? Not only will you be able to enjoy new – or old – hobbies, but it can also prevent severe damage to your pipes and even your car. Just remember to schedule regular heat pump services to ensure that it runs like it was brand new again!