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What Do The Sounds Coming Out Of My Panasonic Air Conditioner Mean?

Most people know that when an appliance starts making strange noises, something’s wrong. But did you know that different sounds could mean various faults? Maybe you’ve heard these noises coming out of your Panasonic air conditioning unit.

1. Shrieking Sound 

No one wants to hear any kind of shrieking, let alone from an air conditioning system! It’s an alarming sound, but it points to metal on metal in your Panasonic air conditioner.

Action: It could be that the bearings have worn out, which can cause permanent damage if you ignore it.

2. Grinding Sound 

A grinding sound indicates another problem within the motor. It’s also not as high-pitched as metal on metal, which means that there’s a build-up of dust on the interior.

Action: It could also be a lack of lubrication, which is quick and cheap to fix. But if you don’t have it looked at, your system will most likely overheat.

3. Rattling Sound 

A few different problems can cause rattling. It could be minor like a panel door is loose. However, it could also mean that something internally has come loose and is moving around. Or it’s being knocked around the inside of the unit. If it’s the latter, you should be prepared for more damages.

Action: As soon as you hear a rattle, get it quickly inspected!

4. Hissing Sound 

When you hear a hissing sound, it will most likely be the cause of a refrigerant leak. The hiss comes from high-pressure gas escaping quickly through a small hole or cracks in the line. It’s the first sign of a refrigerant leak, which means that if you miss it – or ignore it – the problem will get worse.

Action: Call a technician to inspect it; this kind of fault can lead to a whole host of other issues.

5. Clicking Sound 

When you start or shut down your Panasonic air conditioning system, you’ll hear some clicking sounds. These clicks are normal.

Action: If the clicking noise becomes consistent, it means that the system is straining to power the compressor.

6. Clanging Sound 

A clanging sound can be loud and is alarming. It’s most likely a loose fan belt or a bent air handler, causing the fan blades to knock into it.

Action: If you hear this, you need to have it inspected ASAP, before more damage is sustained.

Schedule Your Maintenance

Your Panasonic air conditioner is a vital appliance in any home, especially during the summer. And now that summer is on its way out; you should schedule some maintenance to ensure that you don’t hear these sounds when summer arrives again! Contact Comfy Kiwi Homes today for air conditioning service or for heat pump repairs Auckland wide.