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Prevent Expensive Heat Pump Repairs By Avoiding These Mistakes

When you install a heat pump in your Auckland home, maintenance is essential. If you want it to keep running like it’s brand new and saving on energy costs for years to come, you need to keep it maintained. But you can also avoid expensive repairs by following these tips:

Keeping It Running 24/7 

Heat pumps are affordable to run, especially if you have adequate insulation in your Auckland home. However, if you want to avoid expensive repairs, the first thing to avoid is keeping it running 24/7. If your model has a timer function, make use of it so that your heat pump is used only when you need it. Constant fiddling with the temperatures is also not ideal, and you most likely won’t even feel the difference between a few degrees! Keeping it running and constantly changing the temperature will strain the machine and cause it to break down sooner than it would if it was used efficiently.

Tampering With Its Internal Components 

Unless you’re a certified technician who works in heat pump repairs and maintenance, you should not open the unit and tamper with its internal components. Sometimes, if things go wrong with your heat pump, the cause can seem obvious. For example, if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, the air filters could be blocked. However, it’s not advisable to clean it yourself. The components inside the machine could get damaged unnecessarily, so it’s best to get a professional heat pump technician to do the maintenance for you.

Ignoring Factors That Compromise Its Performance 

Some external factors could compromise the performance of your heat pump, which needs to be addressed. As mentioned, if you don’t have the proper insulation in your home, you would need to run your heat pump for longer because the heating and cooling would most likely be dissipating through the roof. If you have plant growth growing too close to the external unit, that might also compromise its performance. If your heat pump maintenance technician advises you to address some factors that are affecting your heat pump, listen to them! Otherwise, you’ll be running an ineffective heat pump – leading to straining the machine, needing unnecessary maintenance, and paying excessive energy bills.

Most of these mistakes are easy to avoid, and the benefits will be evident almost immediately. If you want to prevent expensive repairs or unnecessarily high energy consumption, remember to rely on your repair and maintenance technician to help you, and listen to their advice.