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Too Small, Too Big, Or Just Right?

When buying a heat pump in NZ, a lot of Kiwis make a very common mistake. They choose the wrong size. It is either too small for their requirements, or it’s far too big. Very rarely do they get it just right the first time around. If you’re looking to invest in a new heat pump for winter, we don’t want you to make that same mistake. That is why we urge you to ask us to come around for a free home assessment. We can check out your house and give you our opinion on the right size heat pump for your requirements.

Without our input, you may opt for a heat pump that is far too big for the room you want to heat up. In this case, the preferred temperature will be reached extremely quickly and the unit will cycle on and off, again and again, and again. This repeated on-off process is extremely inefficient (which will be reflected in your power bills) and can significantly reduce the life expectancy of the unit.

On the other side of the coin, if the heat pump is too small, it will run continuously without ever reaching the set point. This will increase defrost requirements by reducing the outdoor coil running temperature and driving it into below zero temperatures for prolonged periods. As the unit will continue to defrost at minimum intervals, it may never catch up and achieve that preferred set point.

Get An Assessment

So while you may be tempted to buy a smaller heat pump to save a few dollars on the purchase price, it may be a real white elephant if it isn’t up to the job of heating a large space. That’s why we invite you to get in touch with us and we’ll come to you for that assessment. When considering the best-sized heat pump for your home, we’ll look at several factors including:

  • Region, location and orientation of the building
  • Specific local conditions
  • The orientation of windows in the rooms you wish to heat
  • High and low ambient seasonal temperatures
  • The quality of your current insulation
  • The number of people in your home
  • The amount of solar gain in your home

Professional Consultation

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when sizing up the best heat pump for your home. This is why a professional consultation is so important before you buy. So give us a call and we’ll help you choose a heat pump that is not too small, or not too big, but just right!