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Add Value To Your Home With A New Heat Pump

As winter gets ever closer, heat pump installation is on the minds of many Aucklanders. So is the subject of heat pump installation costs. While our products, including our award-winning Panasonic heat pumps will catch your eye it’s only natural that the cost of installing one will be part of your thinking too. So will the cost of the unit itself.

This is a question we can fully answer once we’ve done a free home assessment. We can advise on the best type of heat pump for your property, and give you a price for that particular model. We can also give you a firm idea of how much installation will cost, depending on the layout of your home and a number of other factors.

The Installation Process

A simple and straightforward installation will obviously be cheaper than one that is a little more complex. Some of the factors which might affect the final cost include:

  • The size of the heat pump unit
  • The length of the pipe that connects the indoor and outdoor units
  • If the unit can be wired into a local circuit or has to go back to the switchboard
  • The length of the capping we need to use to cover pipes and protect them from the elements
  • If the outdoor unit needs risers (feet) and pavers if it’s not on a concrete path or slab
  • The path the drain will need to take e.g. if concrete drillers required, plumbed into existing plumbing, etc.

Whatever the combined cost of the heat pump and the installation, you can consider it to be a smart investment. Over the years, a heat pump will pay you back many times thanks to its extreme efficiency. It’s been calculated that even the lowest energy-efficient heat pumps are 250% efficient i.e. they deliver $2.50 of heat for every $1 of electricity used. And then there are the most energy-efficient models that are over 500% efficient! On top of that, heat pumps add to a home’s value and are considered to be big selling points for potential buyers. Compare all this to other heating and cooling options on the market, and we know that the price you pay for a heat pump now will give you a great return on your investment almost immediately.

Consider Future Savings

So while it’s only natural to consider the initial costs of any form of home heating, we recommend you look to future savings as well. Contact us and discuss heat pump installation as an investment and you’ll discover that no other form of heating will pay its way quite like a heat pump can.