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Six Super Energy Saving Tips For Summer

We sell Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin heat pumps, and these three different brands have one thing in common. They’re all extremely energy efficient, like the award-winning Panasonic heat pumps on this page. As ways to cool your home in summer, there is no better or affordable way to do it than with a heat pump. While many Kiwis prefer to open up their doors and windows to try and keep their cool over the summer months, there will be days when the temperature is just too high to do that. On a still and stifling day, heat comes into your home and turns it into even more of an oven.

Only a heat pump will properly cool your home. However, you can enjoy even more comfortable conditions by using these tips to help keep your energy use down:

  1. Draw your curtains or close blinds during periods of the day when you receive direct sunlight through your windows.
  2. Before you turn on the heat pump, open windows and doors at opposite ends of the house to create a cross-breeze through the house. This will blow built-up heat out of the home and will reduce the amount of work your heat pump has to do once you’ve closed up the home again.
  3. Don’t set the temperature too low. Far too many people do this, and it’s a big mistake! A room won’t cool any faster just because you set a lower temperature to begin with. So, when cooling your home with a heat pump, set it at 21 to 22˚C and adjust down from there. It’s a much more efficient and cheaper way to do it.
  4. Try the Dehumidifying or Fan Only mode as these modes are more energy-efficient than full cooling mode. Meanwhile, reduced humidity or airflow may be enough to make you feel more comfortable.
  5. If you have heat pumps in your bedrooms, use the timer to turn the units on for just a couple of hours, starting half an hour before you go to bed. This should be enough to get you to sleep on a hot summer’s night instead of running the heat pump all night.
  6. Clean the filter frequently and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A clean filter means the heat pump will operate more efficiently and bring down running costs.

To expand on that last tip, by having your heat pump serviced before summer arrives, your unit will operate at peak efficiency. This is key to reducing running costs all year round, so contact us today and book us in.