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New Heat Pump: What To Expect

We’re one of the leading suppliers and installers of heat pumps in Auckland. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we make heat pump installation a stress-free process for our clients. If you’re curious about what happens when we install heat pumps, here is a brief overview.

Each heat pump system has specific requirements in relation to the amount of airflow it needs. So, our installers consider factors like where windows are located, what kind of ventilation is available, and how your family lives within the air-conditioned space. Locating the indoor unit in a corner, across a hallway, or in areas where it may be subject to draughts from other rooms, could affect its performance. But we are always aware that the optimum position in a technical sense might not work from an aesthetic or symmetrical perspective. It’s our job to strike a happy balance!

When it comes to the outdoor unit, we want to place it where it won’t be too exposed to the elements, and to dust and debris. A plant that sheds leaves or pods, or a dusty and overgrown garden, can cause blockages in your heat pump unit, which will greatly reduce its functionality. In the best-case scenario, the outdoor unit will be located with plenty of free space on either side to allow airflow and easy access for maintenance. Ideally, it is placed on a firm base i.e. attached to a wall, or on a concrete slab and for maximum efficiency, it should be within 15 metres of the indoor air outlet.

As for how long it takes to install a heat pump, that depends on several factors. It can take just a few hours for a basic “back to back” installation where the indoor and outdoor units are on either side of the same wall. It will obviously take longer for larger and more complex installations, while ducted systems may take a few days, depending on how many rooms or ‘zones’ you want to heat or cool within your home.

With a conventional split system heat pump, the indoor unit is installed first and then connected to the outdoor unit. At this point, the technician will run a series of tests to confirm the piping and refrigerant charge is correct and the airflow is properly balanced. They will then take you through one of the most important steps of all: they’ll talk you through the system’s functions and show you how to use your remote control. This will let you get the very most out of your heat pump for even more cost-saving energy efficiency.

That, in a nutshell, is what you can expect throughout the installation process. There’ll be no nasty surprises as we’ll keep you fully informed at all stages, and that includes the initial on-site consultation, which is absolutely free. To request your quote, contact us today.