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Looks Like Spring, Feels Like Winter

At this time of the year, we’re installing Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland homes for more than just their efficient cooling functions. Many people still have winter on their minds when they ask us to supply and install a heat pump. While it might be spring, there is still a chilly feel in the air and the unpredictable weather often experienced in New Zealand at the tail end of the year can have a very cold bite. Anyone who installs a heat pump now will still get lots of warmth and comfort out of it for the remainder of 2020.

This time last year, New Zealand suffered from a cold snap. It was a sharp reminder that spring doesn’t always bring temperate conditions. Snow fell on much of the South Island and on the central North Island. As a result, the southerlies that raced up the country at the same time brought low temperatures with them, as well as a feel of winter to the nation. For example, there was hail in Auckland, wind gusts of 115 kilometres an hour in the region, and a lot of people all over the city wishing they had a heat pump to switch on for fast and efficient warmth.

This wasn’t a one-off weather event. The Met Service says wintry conditions are common in spring. That’s why it is the perfect time to install a heat pump. You’re still going to get plenty of use out it this year as you look to warm your home. There’s another reason why this is such a good time to install one. We’re in-between seasons. Many people think that because this particular season is called spring, all will be blue skies, warm days, and mild nights. Not so. But because the peak demand has died down, it means we can get you sorted with a heat pump in short order. This time of year might not be best weather-wise – but we think it’s the ideal time to be looking at heat pumps.

Our advice is to get in touch with us now before everyone gets wise and orders a heat pump. One of our world-leading heat pumps, backed up by our first-class installation, will keep you warm or cool this year, with the added bonus that you’ll be nicely set up by the time winter arrives next year.