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It’s The Perfect Time To Service Your Heat Pump

As heat pump specialists, you could say we’re in-between seasons. The winter rush for heat pump installations in Auckland during colder weather is behind us. Meanwhile, the summer rush for heat pumps to cool things down on hot summer days is ahead of us. But that’s not to say we’re going to put our feet up. Right now is the perfect time for a heat pump service in Auckland, and we want to provide that very important service for you. By asking us to do it now, you’ll ensure your heat pump will keep you cool this summer (and keep you warm when winter rears its ugly head again). As a bonus, we’ll be able to complete your service without delay and before things get busy again.

It amazes us that so many people invest in heat pumps as a low-cost way to cool or heat a home – which they are – only to ignore them once they’re installed. Without regular servicing, a  hard-working heat pump that is called into action year-round won’t deliver the value for money it is capable of. As far as we’re concerned, that neglect is a big waste of cash!

By asking us to service your heat pump now, and on an on-going basis, we can ensure it works to maximum efficiency. Even in between services, there are things you can do to ensure your heat pump continues to run smoothly. For example, you can tend to the area around the outdoor unit to make sure there are no weeds or leaves in the way. You can also wipe any dust off the interior unit, but for a thorough, deep clean within the unit itself, we recommend that you let us do it. We have specialised equipment and know-how that won’t damage the more sensitive and fragile components. A heat pump that is clogged with dirt, dust, and pollen will run much less efficiently and use more power at the same time, so a comprehensive clean is a good idea for this reason alone.

It’s been estimated that an annual heat pump service can increase efficiency by 40%! You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out the potential savings, not just in winter but in summer as well. Think of heat pump servicing as an investment rather than as a cost and contact us today. Right now is the very best time to make that call because we’re between our peak seasons and ready to help.