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Kiwis Aren’t Getting The Best Out Of Their Heat Pumps

Ask this supplier and installer of Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi heat pumps, and they’ll tell you that these brands are world-class. The efficiency of modern heat pumps is quite exceptional – up to 400%! A device like a Panasonic inverter heat pump is even more energy efficient because it varies the rotation speed of the compressor for even greater energy savings. Modern heat pumps are also whisper-quiet, environmentally friendly and increasingly kind to those who suffer from asthma or allergies thanks to ground-breaking enhancements in filter technology. For example, the anti-bacterial filter in the Panasonic Developer series combines anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-allergen effects to provide a safer and cleaner interior environment.

However, that same company, now wearing its service hat, will tell you that the brilliance of modern heat pumps is being dulled by a lack of regular maintenance. It seems that many New Zealanders have a one-dimensional view of what effective heat pump maintenance should actually look like. Cleaning the filters occasionally, according to most Kiwis, is all that’s required. Heat pump specialists, not surprisingly, strongly disagree with this opinion. They say that there’s a lot more to it than that. A comprehensive maintenance programme should include:

  • Clean and disinfect the systems’ coils and fan blades
  • Clean the covers
  • Clean and disinfect drain trays and pipes
  • Clean the condensate pump if fitted
  • Clean air filters
  • Check the electrical components and wiring
  • Check for any refrigerant gas leaks
  • Check the systems fault diagnostics
  • Check temperatures
  • Check the system’s general operation
  • Check noise levels – including unusual motor or bearing noises
  • Check the outdoor unit for unimpeded airflow

There is a lot more to heat pump servicing than most people realise. A simple filter clean merely scratches the surface. Servicing is complex and involved but, when left to the experts, it is well worth it.

  • Regularly maintained heat pumps last longer and continue to operate at peak efficiency. In comparison, a lack of maintenance reduces a device’s lifespan, even though it is capable of performing at the highest level for years.
  • A regularly-maintained heat pump will continue to run efficiently and keep providing a  return (and eventually a profit) on your investment. When maintenance isn’t a priority, components like coils and filters become blocked and increase energy consumption.
  • Regular servicing keeps the heat pump free of bacteria and odours, while the filters remain capable of removing larger dust particles from the air.

Heat pump suppliers and installers are frustrated that the world-leading products they sell are rarely given an opportunity to deliver what they’re easily capable of. A lack of care and attention is to blame, yet many Kiwis have a device installed and then go on to promptly ignore it. A change of attitude will make New Zealanders fully appreciate the heat pump they have invested in and finally get the very best out of it.