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It’s Heat Pump Service Season

Our industry is one with two distinct periods of peak demand. The first period is in winter when homes cool down and people ask us to supply and install a heat pump to warm things up. The second is in summer when homes warm up and people ask us to supply and install a heat pump to cool things down! That’s when we’re at our busiest.

In between these “seasons”, there’s a bit of a lull as far as supply and installation is concerned, which is why right now is a very good time to ask us to service your heat pump. There’s every reason for you to do so. Modern heat pumps, like the Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic heat pumps we’re so proud to install, have a phenomenal efficiency of up to 400%! Why wouldn’t you want to keep it running at that sort of level of performance?

However, a lot of heat pumps go largely unloved after they’re installed and are rarely serviced, if at all. When that happens, that renowned efficiency reduces over time and the unit’s otherwise superb performance is restricted. An occasional filter clean isn’t enough to rectify things, even though many people think that’s all a heat pump service entails. There’s much more to it than that. If you were to book in a service – and remember, there’s no time like the present – then this is the sort of thing we’d do:

  • Clean and disinfect the systems’ coils and fan blades
  • Clean the covers
  • Clean and disinfect drain trays and pipes
  • Clean the condensate pump if fitted
  • Clean air filters
  • Check the electrical components and wiring
  • Check for any refrigerant gas leaks
  • Check the systems fault diagnostics
  • Check temperatures
  • Check the system’s general operation
  • Check noise levels – including unusual motor or bearing noises
  • Check the outdoor unit for unimpeded airflow

It frustrates us that we supply and install heat pumps that we know will do a sensational job, only for them to be unserviced and lose much of their efficiency. So now that we’re in between our seasons of peak demand, why don’t you contact us and ask us to carry out a service on your heat pump? You’ll notice the difference in the way it performs, and in your lower power bill too.