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Home Ventilation Systems: Another String To Our Bow

In the last few months, we have started supplying and installing home ventilation systems in Auckland. Not before time too, we might add! New Zealand homes get very damp and that can’t be good for the health of anyone living in them, so our new service is a very important one. This is not just our opinion. The amount of interest we’ve had from homeowners in Auckland confirms how vital a good home ventilation system really is.

Did you know that over the course of one year, the average Kiwi family is capable of producing 3500 litres of damp air inside their home? That’s a staggering amount of moisture, and remember, that’s just the average family. Large family groups are capable of producing so much more. The thing is, they’re not doing anything wrong. They’re just living their lives and doing the things we all do in our homes right throughout New Zealand: activities like cooking, cleaning, drying clothes and showering can create almost 10 litres of damp air every single day! When this moisture is not removed from the internal environment, it can cause condensation, mould, volatile organic compounds, and airborne particles. In turn, this leads to ongoing health problems including asthma, respiratory tract conditions, infections, chronic coughs and even reduced lung function.

This is where our latest service is so helpful. We now install smart EVOAQ home ventilation systems which, unlike conventional systems, are intelligently designed to look at the air coming into the house, and act accordingly. It’s the only system we know of that is capable of learning and adapting to its environment; it automatically adjusts its operation so you don’t have to. This is essential in maintaining air quality and removing excess moisture from the home in a far more effective way.

While you might think that opening windows and doors in summer is a pretty good ventilation system in its own right, what about winter when everyone is inside and every door and window is shut tight? All the damp air being created in that enclosed space must be removed and that’s why our EVOAQ home ventilation systems are so valuable.

A well-ventilated home is a drier and healthier home and that is why we now offer you the supply and installation of these world-leading home ventilation systems. They’re no longer a luxury. For the well being of your family, we think they’re pretty much essential. To find out more about them, give us a call!