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The Financial And Environmental Benefits Of A Heat Pump

When compared to many other heating alternatives, heat pumps in Auckland are an efficient option for your home or business property. Their energy-efficient characteristics serve a dual benefit by making them more environmentally friendly to run while they save you money on your monthly heating bill. Here are some of the reasons why heat pumps offer financial and environmental benefits for both residential and commercial property owners:

  • As a heating method that uses electricity, heat pumps are one of the most cost-effective options when compared to other electrical heating types and conventional heating systems. It’s been shown to offer up to 200% to 400% more efficiency when compared to other systems such as gas boilers.
  • Rather than generate heat, heat pumps move heat from one area to another. This process is used for both indoor heating and cooling purposes. This method of moving instead of generating heat makes heat pumps more cost and energy-efficient than alternative heat-generating appliances.
  • For relatively moderate temperature control requirements, heat pumps are a far better choice (in comparison to furnaces and certain air-conditioners). Heat pumps generally cost a fraction of the cost to operate.
  • Geothermal heat pumps offer even more efficiency than air-source heat pumps. They use ground or water sources to provide heat and are suitable for more extreme climate conditions than standard air-source heat pumps. Geothermal heat pumps do cost more to install; however, they offer long term financial savings that can add up to be substantial. They’re also more energy-efficient.
  • Heat pumps are a greener alternative as they don’t combust material to heat a space, nor do they emit any carbon emissions. The electricity used to run the compressor is also relatively lower when compared to other heat or cold generating appliances.
  • By using a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly heating method, you reduce your carbon footprint. For your residential property, this means having a greener home, and for a commercial property, it contributes to your business being seen as more environmentally conscious.
  • New Zealand residents can gain financial benefits through improving the energy-efficient rating of their home in terms of tax rebates. Having a greener home also increases the resale value of a house.

To find out how you can get the most benefit when it comes to your heat pump installation options, get in touch with Comfy Kiwi Homes today. We focus on providing high quality yet cost-effective services to suit each customer’s needs and budget.