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A Basic Guide To Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for an efficient home heating solution, heat pumps in Auckland are a great indoor climate control option. They’re much more cost-effective than other stand-alone heaters, saving you money on your monthly heating costs. Ever wondered how exactly they work, and why you should choose them over other heating alternatives? To help answer these questions, here’s an essential guide to heat pumps and the benefits they offer.

What’s A Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a single heat generating unit with two active components, namely an outdoor condenser and an indoor control component. It combines electricity and refrigeration technology to create heat for homes, office and similar spaces. It’s generally wall-mounted and doesn’t require ducting for installation.

How Does It Work?

Heat pumps take in air from outside and heat it before pumping it into an indoor space. It increases the temperature of the incoming air by compressing it and then it is passed over a hot element. The level of heat is controlled by a thermostat situated in the indoor component unit, known as a wall cassette.

How Can Having A Heat Pump Save Me Money?

A heat pump uses electricity to power its mechanical functioning. It doesn’t solely rely on it to heat the air (unlike electrical heaters). It’s a far more viable heating method when compared to other types of heaters, especially when you need one to run continuously during prolonged cold weather. There’s little to no wastage of electricity, making it a smart investment choice.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

A heat pump’s efficient energy usage reduces your direct use of fossil fuels such as oil and gas. This means that you not only reduce your consumption costs but also reduce the carbon footprint generated by your home. Again, it’s also one of the most effective ways to achieve and maintain a warm indoor climate.

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