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Controling Your Own Climate 1

Controlling Your Own Climate

Nothing quite beats being able to create the perfect environment in your home when weather conditions are extreme outside. A great way to do this is by heat pump installation in your Auckland home. If you’re considering doing just that but have questions about the size and number of pumps you should install, here’s what you need to know.

  • Each Home Is Different

Your friend may have installed a heat pump into their home and bragged about it, and that may have influenced your decision to install one too. What’s important to know is that no two houses are the same. What’s good for your friend’s home might not be best for yours. Your installer will work with you to come up with the optimal design and placement for your home’s needs.

  • Quality Over Quantity

It’s not economical or necessary to keep every nook and cranny of your home at a perfect temperature using dozens of heat pumps. Your installer will conduct a thorough, on-site assessment of your home and ask you numerous questions about the rooms that you spend the most time in, the layout of each room (if you plan on moving your furniture around after the installation), and if your home is more than one storey. After the assessment, they can give you advice and make recommendations.

  • Luxury climate control

If you want the luxury of climate control in multiple rooms in your home, your installer can offer you a single-zone or multi-zone heat pump. It’s not economical to have multiple heat pumps in your home but depending on the size and layout of your home; you could have one with a multi-zone head, which allows climate control in more than one room of the house. Two large rooms may be better controlled by two separate heat pumps while one large room and one small room might be better controlled with one heat pump with two heads.

Whether you want to cool your home or heat it, a heat pump in Auckland will help you create the perfect conditions for comfort in your Auckland home. To find out more about your home’s unique heat pump needs, Comfy Kiwi Homes can provide you with a full assessment so your final installation meets your requirements.